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James Douglass Morrison

Jim at a glance.....

James Douglass Morrison, the great american poet. (1943-1971) Though no longer with us, Jim was able to change the way I (we) thought as a country, a society, and as a race. He did this great favor to only those with an open mind, and an ear to listen. His whole life was spent trying to "break on through", or find a new view upon which to look at life. I often get asked the question, "where is jim morrison now? He is dead....get with the 90's" To this i can only tell you my best guess. As another fan once put it, "Jim died chasing the music, trying to catch unite it and us together and bring the ultimate happiness to us." And, that is exactly where I think he is. Whether heaven or hell, he is still trying to break on through, still trying to make it more real, and I think he always will be. We often judge people like James Douglass Morrison with a premature bias...."he is a 60's rock star, and all the ever did was drugs...he must be trouble." This somply is not the case. He was an amazing man, an amazing poet, and an amazing showman. The was he sang, presented his views, ans forced us to actually THINK about what he was getting across made him a legend in his own time. If you ever get a change to listen to a doors record, do so with an open mind, and you will be in for a real expierence of pure mixed, opposing talents, that somehow, through the mystrious way of life, worked out to give us the only lasting way to BREAK ON THROUGH!!!!


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