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Bill Sexton's Home Page, Evangelist

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Bill Sexton's Home Page, Evangelist

Bill Sexton's (Evangelist) Home Page,

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Hello, I'm a Gospel Preacher, working with the Van Buren church of Christ, located at 711 Access Road, in Van Buren, Arkansas. Traveling Interstate 40? Stop and worship with us. Exit I-40 at 59, and go west on the Access road less than a mile -- and there we are! Services at 9:30 A.M. and 10:20 A.M. Sunday Morning; 6:00 P.M. Sunday evening and 7:30 Wednesday Evening. You'll find a warm welcome -- and a group of people who believe the Bible, are determined to be governed by Christ's authority (Col. 3:17).

Beginning November 15th, Randy Cavender will begin to work with the congregation on a full time basis. I'll be free to assist small groups who cannot afford (or do not have a full time man working with them) Should you be a part of a small group, needing a "fill in," or a gospel meeting, and can't affort to pay him, I'll be able to come and assist -- for gas money and a place to stay. Call 501-474-2617 or email me at

This is my first try at the homepage business. We hope to add our weekly bulletin articles, and sermon outline -- in time. Give us your feedback on that, please.

If we can assist you in a better understanding of God's word, please let us know how. Let us hear from you. Send us your Bible Questions? We'll respond according to the Bible.


If you would like to receive the Van Buren VanGuard (Our weekly Bulletin), by email, let me know and I'll place you on the list -- which is usually sent Saturday afternoon or evening.

May the Lord bless you and yours as you STUDY and PRACTICE His Word!


Being "filled with the Spirit" Eph. 5:19

Brother Les Davis and I were discussing briefly after a Sunday night's assembly recently about the use of Instrumental music in worship -- as to the teaching that some say there is no command or example or necessary inference of congregational singing in the New Testament. I stated that I believe that there is teaching on congregational singing in Eph. 5:9 and Col. 3:16 -- in that we are told to be "Speaking to" ourselves "yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in yo ur heart to the Lord." That is reciprocal; we are not told to sing/speak to one's self. We are being told to speak to each other, by praising God and teaching each other. That includes the assembly. I find it more than humorous that people will argue so strongly that there is no teaching instructing us to SING and yet they not only want to and do sing but PLAY, also. The aim is to say we don't have to sing without the instrument, but we can play and sing! It seems clear to ! me that it's a way to do what one wants to do and is determined to do it and at the same time justify self (Cf. Lk. 10:29). If we can do this regarding singing, then what is there that we can't do?

But Less made a point, that is perhaps valid too, needing attention: We may emphasis the 19th verse to the point we minimize the 18th verse: "to be filled with the spirit." In the KJV (as well as in the NASV) it is interesting to note that the sentence begins in verse 18 and continues through 21.

Brother C.G, "Colly" Caldwell makes the following comment on the word filled: "To be filled (plerousthe) with the Spirit is to be supplied liberally and fully with the guidance and direction through the words he has spoken. The Spirit dwells in us as we receive his instruction and allow what he has said to us to influence our walk in this life. We are controlled by the Spirit through moral suasion. He does not force us against our wills to obey God or receive salvation, but he moves us by speaking to us t he will of God (See discussion on 3:17.) Paul's admonition from a practi cal point of view instructs us to fill ourselves with God's word and be led to what we do by the teaching of the Holy Spirit rather than filling ourselves and being led by intoxicants or other worldly motivators." (Truth Commentary on Ephesians, page 252).

There's a lot of mis-information advocated relative to the various workings of the Holy Spirit. We need to be careful to differentiate between what the Bible says -- the Spirit delivered message -- and that held and advanced by man.

The Spirit works in each conversion as well as in the guidance of each Christian in his/her daily life. However, it is NOT apart from the word. Many feel that the Spirit is moving them and directing them while they are paying little or no attention to the Message delivered by Him as recorded in the Bible. That is not helpful, rather it is dangerous and a tool used by Satan to distract and lead away form God and Christ to destruction. Let's NOT be deceived by Him.

Yet, It is true if we are filled with the Spirit, we will be manifesting an attitude of gratitude, allow ing our light to shine (Phil. 2:14-16). We will NOT be filled with anger, complaining and putting forth a negative message all the time. At the same time, neither will we be overlooking sin! However, we will be trying to help rather than put down, degrade and etc. Let's each ask: Am I filled with the Spirit?

There is a need for an even balance -- some negative teaching is necessary to be sure. However, if that is all there is, then the message is not balanced. Let us seek to build each other up rather than tear down, when we come together. As we associate with each other, let's make it a pleasant experience, with a constructive message, hopeful outlook, an encour aging and helpful reaction.

These words must apply across the board, however. If I expect others to encourage me, I must encourage them. At times the one who complains about others not being friendly, uplifting, pleasant to be around, is the one that it's like a light bulb coming on when they move out of your presence. Listen carefully to Heb. 10:24: provoke each other to love and good works! --------William C. Sexton