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Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Breakfast to Go!
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Studies have shown that those who eat a good breakfast perform better, have more energy through out the day and are less likely to over-eat at other meals.


An estimated 80% of Americans now say they are cooking at home for  "foodie" enjoyment, health and finances.  If you are into cross training as I have been for several years now, you're probably already accustomed to preparing your own protein shakes, egg white - spinach omelets and granola.

Once you get used to working with fresh, natural ingredients, well you just don't want to go back to the prepackaged stuff!  Take pancakes for example.  You can do amazing things with a basic buttermilk pancake or waffle recipe!  Toaster waffles taste like cardboard in comparison and are pretty much the nutrition equivalent to it too.   Buying breakfast out is costly and not a taste treat I would venture to enjoy very often.  Most of it, hash browns, biscuits, hard cooked eggs offer little or no fiber.  Add up purchasing these sandwich croissants for a week and you could have brought enough raw ingredients for nearly two weeks of homemade breakfasts.

Just as you set your alarm to get up early to run, bike or hit the gym, you can set it 15 minutes earlier to fix yourself a proper breakfast.  All you need is a little organization and you're eating in no time!

Here are some old-fashioned favorites with much quicker prep-serving times:


Zingerman's Presents: MaCrooms Irish Oatmeal - This oatmeal is stone ground in County Cork Ireland and not rolled like the Quaker Oats you're probably used to.   Instant oatmeal packets are often loaded with refined sugar and don't taste very good to boot.  You can cook enough Irish Oatmeal for about 4 servings the night before and store it in a container in the refrigerator.  In the AM, scoop some out into a bowl, pop it into the microwave the add a little brown sugar or blueberries & milk.  Voila!   This really stays with you and is rich in protein, vitamins and fiber.  You couldn't ask for better to start your day!


Gourmet Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes - Purchase a ready made "complete mix" with eggs & milk already added.  I add a jar of Wheat Germ and transfer everything to a large zip lock freezer bag.  Toss in a 1/2 cup scoop so it's ready to go.  All you need do is add water & some blueberries, (frozen work fine), and pour onto the griddle. 

Top with a little Naturel Agave Syrup and serve.  A Sunday style breakfast in under 15 minutes!  You can also make a whole batch and store them in refrigerator in containers and reheat during the week.  Another one of my favorites is Buckwheat Pancakes.  Buckwheat is not really in the wheat family or a grass so those with wheat allergies should look into this nutritious "pseudocereal".


Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread

A new twist on the old peanut butter on a slice of bread!  This is a real boon to those with peanut allergies but long for the taste of fresh roasted nuts.  Sunbutter is made from freshly roasted & ground sunflower seeds with no hydrogenated fat or gluten.  The Sunflower is native to North America and the Natives packed them along for extended trips for energy and endurance.

This one is a real quickie!  Grab a slice of bread and a jar of Sunbutter.  Spead on a slice of Arnold's Health Nut Bread and you're out the door!

Cupcakes 340

REMEMBER!  The X-Training BLOG has got The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook GIVE-AWAY PLUS A  FREE Thermal Polar Bottle going on right now!  Click here to enter!  Deadline is Midnight, October 14th, 2010

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010
Polar Bottle & Eat Clean Cookbook Give-Away!
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Polar Bottle, ready for take-off!  Hot new designs are anything but boring on this 24 oz Red Rose Thermal Water Bottle.  BPA & Phthalate-free yet keeps your water cold for up to twice as long as a standard bottle!  Made in the USA

Cold not only tastes better but studies have shown that drinking icy liquids during your workout keeps you going...longer.   As we discussed in our previous article, drinking sun heated water can even induce nausea.  That is something no one needs on the road.

When I did the Woods Hollow Mountain Bike Classic a few years ago, I wish that I had a water bottle like this on board.  Typical water bottles get hot quickly and do nothing to refresh or cool you off.   During a race like that, (I competed at the Advanced Level), it is quite common to secrete growth hormone which makes you feel quite queasy.  The last thing you want to do is drink a mouthful of HOT water!  Ugh.

Polar Bottle is located in Boulder, Colorado and is dedicated to making the best American water bottles on the planet.  They know their stuff.  This company started out with the goal to create a stay cold water bottle for bicycles.  Now people are seeing the wisdom of ditching the disposable plastic water bottles which are not only costly but pollute the environment.

Right away our favorites are the big gulp 24 oz Red Rose & Rave Designs in the thermals.  These also come in 20 oz versions both of which fit easily in most standard bike bottle cages.  In the Half Twist Stainless Steel bottles we adore the Wood Grain & the Silver with blue logo bottles.  These do not leak and while the stainless steel line is non-thermal, they are perfect for tossing in the car when you head out for errands.  In fact I always keep a stainless steel bottle of water in the vehicle but the Half Twist allows me to sip like a lady with having the contents splash me in the face.   Stainless steel also allows you to be more creative with your hydration.  Add some iced green tea or perhaps a protein shake with Rainbow Light's Chocolate Protien Energizer and some Organic Kelp Powder or Blue Green Algae from Klamath Valley Botanicals for a little extra zing.  You can do it all with stainless steel! Another designer green drink I have been able to take along is All Day Energy Greens by IVL.  I simply mix it with the protein powder, a bit of So Delicious Coconut Milk, ice, twist and go.  Delish!  Drinking organic and clean is part of the new eat-clean movement so we're celebrating with this fabulous give-away.  One US resident WINNER will receive:

  • A Copy of Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet Cookbook with loads of fabulous dishes & drinks, 150 in all!
  • A 24 oz  Rave Thermal Water Bottle from Polar Bottle! See both prizes pictured below!

Enter by sending us an email to with the subject header: Clean Diet - Polar Bottle Give-Away

ENTRY DEADLINE: Midnight October 24th, 2010.  


The X-Training BLOG's Rave Polar Bottle & Eat Clean Cookbook Give-Away!  (Sorry picnic hamper, wicker wine cooler, Silver & Green Half Twists not included).  US residents only, please.  Visit DoctorM & Polar Bottle on Twitter and Tosca Reno's Facebook Pages to become a fan!




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Friday, 30 July 2010
Summer X-Training Wear
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Summer's HOTTEST Essentials for X-Training in style & comfort!

Beat the heat with an early morning walk/run with your Mp3 player and Audio-Technica's Quiet Point Headphones.

Pair up the right clothing for the day and you're good to go!

Glasses - Kylix by Rudy Project, Pink Tank Top by Victoria's Secret.



Women's Launch Shorts by Pearl Izumi,

Socks by Smartwool,

Syncroguide III Running Shoes by Pearl Izumi.

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Updated: Saturday, 31 July 2010 1:45 PM EDT
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Sunday, 4 July 2010
2010 Tour De France
Now Playing: Yellow Jersey Gear!
Video of 2010 Tour De France cyling route starting in Rotterdam Holland.
Really you don't have to be in the Tour De France in order to benefit from using the same gear the pros do.  It doesn't have to be extravagant either!  Start with one or two essential upgrades and take your riding experience to the next stage!
Here are a few of my favorites:
  Rudy Project's Sterling Cycling Helmet
Worn here by 6 time Yellow Jersey champion Erik Zabel, this helmet is perfect for hot weather rides.  It boasts 18 vents + a removable bug screen and is perhaps Rudy Project's most advanced cycling helmet to date. So comfortable and airy, you head won't be wet after your ride in this one.
Also pictured is a sampling of Rudy Project's Technically Cool Eyewear.  An absolute must for longer, sunny day rides and excursions.  I won't leave the house without my Rudy Project Eyewear!
Sterling Helmet and Technically Cool Eyewear both from Rudy Project
Pearl Izumi X-Road Cycling Shoes
These are part of Pearl Izumi's on the bike, off the bike style and versatility that make this so much more than a mere cycling shoe.  Yes its got the SPD recessed plates all you hard core road rats want but it also has a full lug sole that doesn't slip.  This is perfect if you need to hike your bike over rough terrain or water.  Quick drying, light but give you the support of a quality athletic shoe, this is my choice for on and off the road.
Pearl Izumi X-Road Cycling Shoes
Pearl Izumi Women's Carbon Leather Pittards
These are by far my absolute favorite cycling gloves, especially for the hot summer months.  So airy but with the extra duability you come to expect from Pearl Izumi.  I especially like the light but effective palm padding.  I also have them as full fingered cycling gloves.  Excellent!
Pearl Izumi's Description:
This redesigned favorite combines the comfort of a Pittards leather palm with Coolmax mesh back create the most comfortable all around glove. Durable Pittards WR 100X leather with PI embossed logo for a performance grip.
U-Bridge pad placement protects the ulnar nerve while bridging the median nerve
Shock absorbing Gel-Lite inserts eliminate road vibration
Coolmax mesh fabric provides the ultimate in moisture transfer and breathability
Direct inject graphics that won't wear off over time
Soft microfleece wiping surface on thumb
Womens specific fit and sizing
Content:Palm: 100% Leather, Shell Back: 82% Nylon/18% Spandex, Wiping Surface: 100% Polyester
So no matter if you are doing the real thing in France or not, you can be the master of your road with these top picks from the pros.
Dr. M in her Rudy Project Sterling Helmet & Rudy Project Rydon II Sport Glasses in White Pearl, (Made in Italy).  Cycling jersey by SheBeest.  Not photographed but also worn: Pearl Izumi Pittards, X-Road Cycling Shoes and Women's Cycling shorts.  Smartwool socks.

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Updated: Friday, 9 July 2010 9:30 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010
Summer X-Training Tips
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PHOTO: Terry Symmetry Road Bicycle, Terry Tourista Cycling top and Bohemian Flare Skort. Cycling Glasses, (Rydon Sport) and Helmet by Rudy Project. Summer X-Training can be a blast with the right gear and clothing!

The main things you'll need for summer X-Training is an ample supply of cold water and well vented clothing. Notice in the photo above, I have a stainless steel water bottle in the cage. I fill my bottles with half crushed ice chips and half cold water. This way when I stop for a drink the water is still very cold. Perfect for short trips and errands.

Longer trips enlist the help of Elite's thermal / insulated water bottles. These are made in Italy and classified as High Thermic. They will keep your liquids cold for twice as long as uninsulated bottles. So the choice is yours depending on how long you plan to be out.


Photo: Elite's Nanogelite Thermal Squeezable Water Bottles are insulated with Nanogel aerogel technology which keeps liquids colder longer.

Features: 74mm diameter 17 oz capacity. Squeezable bottle Insulated with Nanogel aerogel technology fits easily inside most bicycle water bottle cages.

Don't leave home without an ample cool water supply!  Water that has become too warm from the heat and sun can cause nausea and vomiting.  Not something you'll want to have on the road.


Clothing Counts

While tighter clothing may be more aerodynamic for cycling and running, they might also not allow as much air flow to the skin as one would like.  This includes cycling and inline skating helmets.  The more ventillation the better, really.


PHOTO: Terry's NEW Tourista Cyling Top also works great for jogging, hiking and inline skating.

This is the top I am wearing in the photo above and is my favorite all around X-Training cover!  It has three open pockets in the back but is fully cut so that you won't need to wear a strapless bra.

It is aerodynamic but still allows enough air to reach your skin so that you stay cool and dry.  I've worn it on very hot days and it was a life saver as I tend to perspire more in the chest area.  Made in the USA from Terry Precision Cycling!




PHOTO: NEW Terry's Bohemian Flare Skort with Cycling Chamois.

Paired with the Tourista Cycling top, this is my go everywhere skort.  It comes with Terry's sheer flexible liner which is much cooler than the solid spandex ones.  The skort has a great flare and side slits for even more freedom of movement.  On or off the bike, this skort is ready for action... cool and wrinkle proof!

Visit Terry Precision Cycling online for their 2010 women specific bicycles and cycle-sportswear.






Eyewear to Go

RudyProject Technically Cool Eyewear.  Mine have a little secret.  Not only are they state of the art cycling glasses but they also hold my prescription eyeglasses so I can leave my contacts at home! 

Look closely and you'll see the insert behind the exchangable lenses.  Want a different look?  Change the lightweight polycarbonate lenses to any number of available colors such as Racing Red.  I've worn these lightweight glasses for touring and mountain bike races.  They look great and protect your eyes from sun, wind and road debris.  Made in Italy from Rudy Project

Keep a Cool Head







Rudy Project further seals the deal with their new Sterling, 18 vent cycling helmet.  Comes with a removable insect shield.  Perhaps their most advanced cycling helmet to date you'll see it on some of the coolest heads in the Tour De France this summer!

Want more tips on entertaining, beauty, fashion and food for enjoying the summer?  Visit Best Picks Magazine Online


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Updated: Thursday, 1 July 2010 5:31 PM EDT
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