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Henna's Secret History
The History, Mystery & Folklore of Henna

by Marie Anakee Miczak

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Henna's Secret History: The History, Mystery and Folklore of Henna

  • ISBN 0-595-17891-X
  • Dewey 615'.321 / 581
  • 356 pages
  • 6 x 9 Softcover
  • WCP, New York NY 2001
  • $21.95 (USD)/35.95 (CAN)/£15.68 (UK)/2,577 (JAP)

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"This is a well researched, accurate and academic portrayal of the henna plant, Lawsonia spp., through the ages. The author not only discusses the use of henna as art and dye but as medicine, perfume and ritual.As a result, this book can and should be used by historians, archeologists, and Egyptologists as well as herbalists, Mehndi artists and those curious about henna." -Dr. Cindy L. A. Jones, pharmacologist and author of "The Antibiotic Alternative" and "Herbs for Healthy Skin"
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"The first book to document henna's history as a whole -- in the tradition of "The True History of Chocolate" and "Uncommon Grounds."

From the back cover:
Lawsonia inermis ver. alba... “henna”. How much do you know about this incredible botanical? Was it sensual Mehndi body adornment or Cleopatra’s favorite perfume? An aphrodisiac or a treatment for leprosy? An ancient Roman currency or a last right for the dead? This book takes a fascinating look at one of the most popular botanicals of all time. Never before has a book been devoted to henna as a whole. Drawing on botany, archeology, phytomedicine and folkloric history to define the many ambiguities and misconceptions surrounding it, thus presenting for the first time an accurate and complete history of henna.

  • In extreme depth, henna's medicinal past is revealed. From the papyrus Ebers to the writings of Galen, discover henna's uses in all of the major Old World medicines.
  • Did you know henna has some of the most fragrant flowers on earth? Learn why women became addicted to them and the shocking basis for their allure.
  • Think you know the full story concerning henna body art? Think again. Find out how its history was manufactured in the 19th and 20th century to cover its true origins.

About the author: Marie Anakee Miczak has researched and studied henna for many years with the result of two published books covering the subject. In addition to performing henna body art, Ms. Miczak also cultivates henna plants and teaches about its history at area colleges.

"There certainly is a secret history to henna, and a fascinating one it is. Much more than just the hand adornment we typically see as Mehndi, henna has an extensive and splendid history. It was used by Cleopatra to seduce Mark Anthony, it has been used to treat infections and headache, the Egyptians used it to protect their skin from the sun, even Lucille Ball's vibrant red locks were attributed to henna. Marie Anakee Miczak has painstakingly sorted truth from the fiction to present a well researched, accurate portrayal of henna." -The Bloomsbury Review® May 2002

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