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About MarieAnakee
Best known for her non-fiction works revolving around herbology, aromatherapy, gourmet recipes and the wonders of medicines derived from plants, M.A. Miczak's books delve into subjects previously left vague. A personal exuberance to answer "why" usually forms the basis of her unique tomes.

MAM Self oil on wood copyright 2005 all rights reservedThe visual arts and music are also very important to Marie Anakee Miczak with the body as her public canvas via Mehndi starting in 1997. MAM then moved on to painting impressionist and abstract art which has garnered awards. She is the most prolific Koi painter in the United States, having done some 500 pieces on the subject alone. Why koi fish? "They bring me so much joy when I watch them and I think I'm trying to transfer that feeling to anyone who looks at my art--it's more about the sensation than the subject in many cases." Marie fuses traditional painting techniques with unorthodox ingredients to create paintings mingled with photography, sculpture, and printing. "For me, as the artist, it's very important that I'm a part of the finished piece. I want people to see my concept along with my brushstrokes, the reworking of the paint and canvas--my laboring. That’s why so much of my art features water as there is such a call for texture and movement." --MAM

Marie Anakee's backlist includes: "Secret Potions, Elixirs & Concoctions", "Mehndi", "How Flowers Heal" and "Henna's Secret History". "I have also been published in the following books: "Natures Weeds, Native Medicine", The Secret of Staying Young" (both by Dr. Miczak), "Everything you always wanted to know about POD" (by Ben Franklin descendent John F. Harnish)", "Revealing the Human Behind the Avatar" (2007) and "Mailartissimo2007" (A.S. Popov Museum) 2008. For more information click here. Marie Anakee's photography and illustrations have also been published in the press, magazine, book and blog form. Be sure to read her new blog project Gave That at and  Subscribe to its Feed
. Marie also uses Twitter @GaveThat and @AnaDecora.

For more information, press or wholesale inquires, please contact:
646.867.0783 (tel)
Public Relations: Chris B.

Multimedia Project 2009 - ongoing - "The Gift of Giving"

Selected Group Exibitions in 2008
Liceo Classico "A. Oriani" Corato, Corato Italy, "Armonie E Disarmonie" 2008
Gallery ExG, Pälkäne Finland, "What Time Is It?" 2008
Chicago Hand Bookbinders 2008 Exhibit tour (University of Wisconsin, Joan Flasch Artists Book Collection Chicago & Northwestern University Library), "Forever 29", 2008
The A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications, St. Petersburg Russia, "Mailartissimo 2007" 2008 (catalog)

Selected Group Exhibitions in 2007
Modesto Art Museum, Anderson Gallery, Modesto, California USA "Future Vision" 2007
Gallery RFD, Swainsboro, GA USA, "The Art of Communication" 2007
bluetenweiss -- Raum fuer Kunst at Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin Germany, "Anonymen Zeichnern 5", 2007
Higgins Art Gallery, West Barnstable, MA USA, "Women: The Image", 2007.
Elassona & Larisa Consulate of Culture NGO, Greece, "Dream City" 2006 & 2007. Catalog.
The Cour Des Arts, St Remy de Provence France, "Art Postal Saint Remy De Provence", 2007
Itami City Gallery, Ogino Itamishi Japan, "Modern Art [BUT] II" 2007
Sagra Del Gungo San Leo Bastia, Perugia Italy, "Il Profumo Del Bosco" 2007 Catalog.
Art 101, Brooklyn NY USA, Joel S. Cohen with Mail Art Section The Sticker Dude Universe 2007 Catalog.
Atrebates Galleria D'Arte, Dozza & Galleria Comunale D'Arte Contemporanea, Castel San Pietro Terme Italy, Centro Commerciale Centrolame Bologna, "Omaggio alla bicicletta per un futuro sostenible" 2007 Catalog.

Selected Group Exhibitions in 2006
Traveling show: Elassona Art Cafe, Larisa Hatjiyiannio Cultural Center of Larisa, The "Consulate of Culture" Society of Greece, "Dream City" 2006
bluetenweiss -- Raum fuer Kunst at Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin Germany, "Anonymen Zeichnern 1, 2 and 3" 2006
Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center, SD USA, "Do Not Bend , Spindle or Mutilate: Computer Punch Card Art" 2006
Associazione di Promozione Sociale Artetica, Festival Itinerario in - Corte alta/Galleria Vicolo Cesuola Cesena, Rome Italy, "Book-art / Libri-d’artist" 2006
The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa USA, "Cartalog" altered books traveling show, 2006
Union Art Gallery, 2200 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI, "MARRIAGE, HOME & FAMILY" 2006 - 2007
La Cour Des Arts, le Musee de La Poste a Paris, St. Remy De Provence, France, "Saint Remy de Provence" 2006 - 2007
Itami City Gallery, Ogino Itamishi Japan, "Modern Art [BUT]" 2006
Sikkema Jenkins & Co., NYC USA, "Postcards From the Edge Benefit" 2006
Bibliotheque Municipale, St. Jean Du Falga, France, "le timbre" 2006
SPACE, NYC USA, "Night of 1,000 Drawings Benefit" 2006

Selected Group Exhibitions in 2005
Surreal Cafe, NYC USA (now closed), "What is a Surreal Community" 2005. Catalog.
Terreo do Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul, Praca da Alfandega de Porto Alegra, Brasil, "O Jacaranda" 2005. Catalog.
Imprint Gallery, NYC USA, "Happenings", 2006
Atrium de Chaville, Chaville (near Paris)France, "Clair-obscur" 2005. Catalog.
Musee de la Poste de Paris, Peznas France, "Ange ou Demon" 2005. Catalog.
Sixth Form Centre Arts Center, England, "My World" 2005
Chapelle de l'Hotel-Dieu - Ville de Dreux, Dreux France, "Cabinet de Curiosites" 2005. Catalog.
Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara CA USA, "Wall of Witness" 2005
The Cecille R. Hunt Gallery, St. Louis MO, "Assemble" 2005
Zwischen Himmel und Erde“ in der „Halle der Künste“ auf der Internationalen Bodenseemesse (IBO) in Friedrichshafen Germany March 12th to the 20th 2005. Catalog in German.
Biblioteca Publica “Trinitari Fabregat” Alcanar, Alcanar Spain, "Knot 2005" 2005. Catalog in Spanish.
School of Arts & College of Design of Logrono (La Rioja) / Escuela de Arte Y Superior de Diseno de La Rioja EASD, Spain, "400 Years with Don Quijote" 2005. Catalog in English.

Selected Group Exhibitions in 2004
Vernon Public Art Gallery, Vernon, BC, Canada, 2004
Walls - Sleeth Gallery, Buckhannon, WV, United States, 2004
John & June Allcott Gallery, Chapil Hill, NC, United States, 2004
Vicenza Film Fest - Museo Del Risorgimento E Della Resistenza, Dueville, Vicenza, Italy, 2004
Book Arts Jam - Foothill College, Los Altos, CA, United States, 2004
Frida Kahlo - Trezzano Rosa Villa Ida, Trezzano Rosa, Milano, Italy, 2004. Catalog.
The Exquisite Corpse - The Open House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2004
Gallery on Herald, St. Victoria, BC, Canada, 2004
JavaBach - CAMARADA @ The Neurosciences Institute, La Jolla, CA, United States, 2004
Firehouse Art Studios & Gallery, Fort Worth, TX, United States, 2004
Paix sur la terre, aux hommes de bonne volonte! - Association Art Et Merveilles, Tende France, October 2004
Solar Flair - Hill County Arts Foundation, Ingram TX USA, August 2004

Charitable Art Donations: VisualAIDS (NYC), Ronald McDonald House (Chicago), RAINN, Bra's for Breast Cancer (Cancer Care Services, Do it for me, Mom & Faces of Survivors), SPACE (NYC), America's Second Harvest (via Acorn Arts Kards for Katrina event), The Creative Center: Arts in Healthcare (NYC), RESSY - Maison du Ginkyo (France), (NYC), Association Aide et Soutien aux Enfants Malades (France), Honor with Art Book Project (USA), Petit de loups Enfants Malades hôpital (France), Trunk Space (AZ USA).

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