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Andys Favorite Links

I love watching televison. My favorite televison show is Mighty Max.
I love watching sports also on the televison. In Aussie Rules Football I follow Richmond football club.
Some of my hobbys
Bike riding: The bike tracks are just out my front door.
Playing computer: My Fravorite game at the moment is Theme Park
Fishing:I love to go fishing. Off rocks, surf fishing,and river fishing.In the boat is best if the weather is good. I always bring back lots of fish.On the school holidays I go to the lodon River to do some fishing,camping and shooting.
Karate: Last year I started Karate I got up to my green belt
Drawing:The one thing I realy like to do is draw when I am not fishing or watching the television.
When I get older I hope to be a cartoonist.