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Mitral Valve Prolapse

My name is Colleen and I was diagnosed with MVP at the age of 31.
It was a shock and I was scared. Those are the first feelings
everyone has. There is also the condition known as MVPS, its the
condition where you have anxiety attacks, palpitations, pains in
the chest ect... I am dedicating this page to all of you who have
MVP and/or MVPS. Hopefully you will be reassured by reading letters
posted from others who have these conditions. We are not crazy. Go
to the links, read the information there and I think you will feel
better. If you want to know my story click on the link below. Please
sign my guestbook, let me know what you think of my site and how I may
be able to improve it. Best Wishes for you all and feel free to email
me anytime. Thank you!

DD's MVP/Dysautomia Support Board

Support Community for MVP and Afib

Great Links for Info on MVP

Understanding MVP and MVPS - A must read for everyone!!!

Mitral Valve Prolapse Center of Alabama

Heart Preview Gallery-Take a Tour of the Heart

Holistic MD

Society for Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome

Can Diet Change the Condition?

This is Lorelei's Page

My Story

While you are here, will you please sign my
guestbook? I love to hear what you think, good or
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