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Vocabulary for Akbiekdi
ad		when
age		of, from, belonging to
alage		at, on (marks locations of something)
ares		to follow
aroin		now
baeto		food
BaetoNaro	dining room, "food room"
bobmoi		good
bramoi		soft
Brazilo		Brazil
bueige		through
de		and
deimo		page
denso		time
dese		this, these
devse		several
eis		that
ense		nothing
erd		as soon as
ermase		my, mine
erkase		your, yours
erlase		his, her, hers, its
ermasek		our, ours
erkasek		your, yours
erlasek		their, theirs
fer		unless
fero		room
finoi		hard
-gartu		slow
-gefe		a lot
ges		to be something
-geze		previous
go		or
hekruse		something
helise		everything
hos		until, til
hud		as long as
ianse		all kinds of
ige		to, into
igse		both
ikege		made from, consisting of
ino		year
jires		to cook
jireso		cooking
JiresoNaro	kitchen, "cooking room"
kaladoi		pretty, beautiful
kamoi		blue
-karu		some...
kase		you
kasek		you, plural
kau?		why?
kbano		house
KbanoNaro	living room, "house room"
ke		yet
-ke		big, large
-kere		young
-kidu		any...
kie?		where?
kiise		all
kimano		republic
kikmoi		white
kise, kise...	either, or...
-kniru		opposite meaning, "not X-adjective"
koinse		not much, little
kor		in order that
-ku		old
-kulu		fast
kum		after
kumo		lake
lakoi		complete, whole
lase 		he, she, it, him, her
lasek		they, them
leeto		way, manner
linko		internet link
lise, lise...	neither, nor...
lom		since, for
madse		each
mase		I, me
masek		we, us
mem		provided that
merise		everyone
mogein		earlier
moro		language
nage		accross
naro		room
nidese		someone
nifro		cat
-o		makes any word a noun (this suffix is an exception)
oer		as
oige		for
ol		than
olse		no one
-pa		makes any adjective an adverb (this suffix is an exception)
pafgin		later
pe		if
pezoi		green
pifio		dog
pol		or
popse		such a
puge		(moving) towards
sam		without
samoi		black
sedikoi		welcome
sepse		enough
simo		day
sousmo		introduction
talase		not enough
-tamtu		next
tem		while
tige		with, in addition to
-tikke		good
tinoi		easy
titmoi		official
tog		altough
-tsimu		bad
-txe		small, little
-tzitu		a little
uil		before
utse		few
ver		because
xilo		book
XiloKbano	library, "book house"
XiloNaro	small librarie
xorge		(moving) from
xuzoi		difficult
zannase		many
zik		with