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Compound Words in Akbiekdi
In Akbiekdi compound words may be created to form a different word.

Compound words must follow all rules for other words  (Thus, if a
compound word is a noun, it must end with -o.)

If more than one noun is used in a compound word, the nouns have their
first letters capitalized:

XiloNaro	small library, "book room"
XiloKbano	library, "book house"

When pluralizing compound words, only the last word receives the -k suffix:

XiloNarok	small libraries
KbanoNarok	living rooms, "house rooms"
JiresoNarok	kitchens, "cooking rooms"
BaetoNarok	dining rooms, "food rooms"

New words:

baeto		food
jires		to cook
jireso		cooking