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Adverbs in Akbiekdi.
All adverbs in Akbiekdi end with -in, save for those adverbs made from
adjectives in which case they carry the -pa suffix. 

aroin			now
mogein			earlier
pafgin			later
inotamtuin		next year
inogezein		previous year
inokidukein		any year - future
inokiduin		any year - past
simodesein		today
simotamtuin		tomorrow (next day)
simogezein		yesterday (previous day)
simokidukein		anyday - future
simokiduin		anyday - past
simokarukein		someday - future
simokaruin		someday - past	
densokidukein		anytime - future
densokiduin		anytime - past
densokarukein		sometime - future
densokaruin		sometime - past
mogein			earlier
pafgein			later
uilsimogezein		day before yesterday
kumsimotamtuin		day after tomorrow
oilodesein		tonight
oilogezein		last night
oilotamtuin		tomorrow night
kilodesein		this morning
kilogezein		yesterday morning
kilotamtuin		tomorrow morning