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Membership program

First, you must know that this is not a commercial site. By becoming a member you won't have access to any member area. By becoming a member of the WWADSA you will help us and also people, to keep our fight against drugs. Of course, because we know who you are, we will be able to help you in case you need any additional information about drugs. If you are a non user click on the non user form. But, if you are a user, please click on the user form. Fill it out, print the page, and send it to us by mail with your picture in a document format for the member card. The only thing we ask you is that we need 10 US dollars to pay the mail expenses since we receive forms from all parts of the world. That is why you have to send it by mail. Our address is: SQN 103 bloco B/501 CEP:70.735-020 Brasília-DF BRAZIL. Thank you for participating in our membership program and your member card will be on the way.

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