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See what injecting drugs cause to the body


Some people say drugs do not destroy the human body although doctors and scientists give us daily proves of the injures drugs cause to the body. I wonder what would this people say about the pictures we show in this page. And these are only the outside effects. You can now imagine the damage inside the body. Scientists have recently discoverd that drugs, mainly cocaine, heroin, and crack (the worse drug), destroy some brain tissues wich do not recover, ever. Also Cannabis (weed) and even alcohol do, not as intense as the others but they cause many injures to the brain. And that is the truth, it may annoy some people but let's be outspoken: Drug addicts die in most cases. After you go into drugs, only strong self-esteem (much more than you probaly have), excellent treatment and in many cases miracles, can save you. Your life is more expensive than a simple "cool trip", isn't it. By the way, an endless trip.


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