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Yay! 5 megs webspace! New from Angelfire! All my memory woes are eradicated! (Too bad people avoid my site like the plaugue it seems! Gawd I'm desperate!) *Sigh* If your reading this, check out my new Chat! *Must. Stay. Positive!...* It's soo hard to keep your head up when 157 people in total have visited your site in a year and a half. *Sigh* So with that, I'll probably just let this, my first real web-venture, drift off into the Internet Limbo, never to be viewed by another browser again. DISCLAIMER: I short while ago, I was emailed by this nice girl who asked about my absence of COB's. Unfortunately, as I was REmailing© her, my server crashed and all traces of both messages were lost! I'm sorry! If you're reading this, please email me again and I apologize for this little mishap! Acck! END DISCLAIMER PS: Creatures 2 is out, I hear. I envy all you lucky stiffs who own this '2nd miracle' of computer technology. Up here in rural (relatively) Canada, we get these things a month later. Erg..


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