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At last! It's here! The Mighty Ducks... Songs? In case you haven't noticed, this is your team captain Wild Wing bringing you these... songs. Personally, I don't see the point in Mighty Duck parodies, but after hearing songs on the radio about me--uh--I mean us, I sorta changed my mind. So pump up the volume and sing along with the Lyrics to your FAVORITE SONGS! That's right, all three of 'em, which includes the song Derrek gave us, WE LOVE YOU, MAN! C'mon, people! Send us songs to put up! PLEASE!!!


The Mighty Ducks THEME SONG (How Original!)
Forgot About Duke (to Dr. Dre and Eminem's "FORGOT ABOUT DRE")
All Duck (to Smash Mouth's "ALL STAR")
Bitter (to Limp Bizkit's "SOUR")
Saurian Ode!!! (A faithful song to Dragaunus)
Puck Bottom (to Eminem's "ROCK BOTTOM")
Skating Again (to Adema's "Giving In")
How Lestat Laments Now (to the Smith's "How Soon is Now?")

Okay, enough songs for today

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