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The Mighty Ducks' Live Journals?!

This page was specifically created in part due to myself, expert Team Manager Phil Pomfeather, as part of a campaign to start a new Reality Series focused on the lives of the Mighty Ducks.
Well... like most other crappy reality shows, the thought failed but not before I logged onto the internet and found
With barely a thought, several of the ducks signed a contract for this new... sensation... (or insanity as one might call it) and more are joining the ranks.

So if you like Reality TV--or have no life except worshipping those pesky, feathered, moody, hockey playing, crime fighting Mallards from another Universe--Enjoy!

~Philip Pomfeather

Why the Ducks HAVE Live Journals?

Who's Journal's Who? New as of 6-09-04

Oh Cap'n, my Cap'n!
Stat Riviero is Sick -N- Twisted!
All Hail JAKE the DRAKE!
Into the mind of Maren Jetherwing!
Imps are Dangerous on Laundry Day!
What Grin Really Does rather than Meditate...