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A specialty of the hill country. Exquisitely carved, chased and filigree work, items include Jewelry, Trays, Trinket Boxes, Candle Stands, Cutlery etc.

Available in Sterling Silver and Plated ware.

Mainly a traditional industry of the people of the hill country. Cast or wrought brassware items ornamented with fine carving, silver or copper inlays include Boxes, Trays, Lamp Shades, Lamp Stands, Door Hinges, Vases, Traditional Oil Lamps, Candle Stands etc.

Another highly localised craft of the highlands. The "lac" pigments were traditionally obtained from insect resins collected from forests. The boiled-down lacquer is applied expertly by finger-nail or with hand made tools. The range includes walking-sticks, book-ends, ash-trays, letter-openers, small tables etc.

A specialised craft of the southern people, these masks were originally and at present, used in demon propitiation and curative rituals. They make colourful and dramatic decor items and are available in a range of sizes from miniature to outsize.

Colourful fabrics, designer garments, accessories and decor items in a wax-resisted dyeing technique of Indonesian origin but distinctly Sri Lankan design.

Exquisite hand-made pillow, crochet and tatting lace. Very much a southern speciality, introduced in the 16th century by the Portuguese colonisers. Collars, table linen, doilies, etc and available in lengths for frills and clothes.

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