Gharri Community, Inc. Non-profit Organization
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Gharri Community, Inc. Non-profit Organization

Who are we?
The non-profit, tax deductible community-based organization, with support service to assist refugees and immigrant resettling in Georgia. The Gharri people have come to live in the United States as refugees of wars, droughts, and famines in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Our mission is to help the Gharri people adjust to life here, as well as cope with the hardships of life in Africa.

Why Does The Gharri Community Need Help?

Gharri refugees left behind homes, businesses, and careers when they fled to the United States, arriving with little more than the clothes on their backs. Many do not speak English. They come from one culture and suddenly find themselves with few resources in another culture that is radically different from anything they have ever experienced. They need material support, help with English translation, and learning, emotional support through their initial culture shock, and career counseling to help them become productive members of their adoptive society.

Gharri back home live in largely pastoral communities,located in the desserts of Northern Kenya,Southern Ethiopia and Southwest Somalia. They continue to suffer from civil conflicts,famine and most recently terrible floods caused by El Nino. The flood waters are a perfect breathing ground for mosquitoes and other water born parasites, which carry diseases such as cholera and malaria.The Gharri people do not have proper medical facilities so these treatable diseases kill them by the hundreds.

In the past many of the Gahrri people have died because of the lack of water due to a drought.

*Our services are open to all refugees and Immigrants not limited to just Gharri people.

Please cosider becoming a member or sponsor of The Gharri Community. Sponsors
will have the satisfaction of helping immigrants help themselves. A membership
fee of $15.00 will support one refugee or immigrant for our services.
Donations are tax deductible. Refugees and immigrants receive our services at
no cost. We are able to provide direct "grass-roots" action without delay because we do
not have the high overhead costs of national organizations. We also have
experienced and overcome the cultural and language related difficulties in resettlement to the United States. A sponsorship or donation to the Gharri Community will help us purchase the necessary materials and facilities to continue our assistance.

Local Service & International Services

by volunteers. An expense list of activities which your
*We have no paid staff, as our services are provided contributions support will be provided upon request.
People Helping People
280 northern Ave, 10E
Avondale Estates, Georgia
U. S . A
Phone & Fax (404) 298 6561

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