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Mahmoud El-Gohary

Current Manager of Jordanian National Team

Coach Of Egyptian National Team 1988-2002
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Played for Ahly & National Egyptian Team


As a player
Personal Titles
Top Scorer of 2nd African Cup Of Nations (Egypt 1959)
The Only person to win African Cup of Nations both as a player & a coach
National Team
1 African Cup Of Nations for Egypt 1959
8 Club Titles for Ahly
6 Egyptian league for Ahly 1955-1956-1957-1958-1960-1961
2 Egyptian cup for Ahly 1955/56-1960/61

As a coach
Personal Titles
Three times Best Arab Coach Winner 1989-93-98
Chosen by FIFA' among Best 20 coaches of the year 1998
Best African coach 1998 Winner by Footballe Afrique
2 National Teams' Titles
1 African Cup for Egypt 1998
1 Arab Cup for Egypt 1992
Went to World Cup with Egypt 1990
10 Clubs Titles
7 For Ahly (Egypt)
2 Egyptian league for Ahly 1982-1989
3 Egyptian cup for Ahly 1983-84-85
1 African league champions for Ahly 1982
1 African cup winners cup for Ahly 1985
2 For Zamalek (Egypt)
1 African league champions for Zamalek 1993
1 African Super Cup for Zamalek 1994
1 For Al-Wehda (Mirates)
1 United Arab Emirates Cup for Al-Wehda 1996

Coaching history of Mahmoud El-Gohary
Year Club/Country Position
1965-77 Ahly Assistant Manager
1977-81 Ithad Gedda (KSA) Assistant Manager
1981-82 Ithad Gedda (KSA) Manager
1982-84 Ahly Manager
1984-85 Sharqua (UAR) Manager
1985-86 Ahly Manager
1986-88 Ahly Gedda (KSA) Manager
1988-90 Egypt (National team) Manager
1991-93 Ahly Manager
1993-94 Zamalek Manager
1995-96 Al-Wehda (UAR) Manager
1996-97 Oman (National team) Manager
1997-02 Egypt (National team) Manager
2002 Jordan (National team) Manager  - Dr.Tarek Ahmed Said © 1996-2002