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Cairo Zone League

Since 1923/1924 Cairo Zone league was part of 1st country-wide regional competitions in modern league form, In addition of 2 cup form competitions Egyptian & Sultan cups


When nation-wide Egyptian league started in 1948/49 and the following season 1949/50; Cairo league champion was decided by results of Cairo teams in national league with no separate matches for Cairo league


Starting 1950/51 season Cairo league matches resumed but were played with reserves and juniors except in 1951/52 where league was cancelled due to preparation for Olympic games

& 1957/58 when competition was part of a nationwide Zonal competition independent from Egyptian league but its results would be used to determine relegation from league divisions I. Teams in same league group would carry their Head to Head result to their Zone competition


Ahly 15 titles, Zamalek 14 titles, Sekka 2 titles, Tersana 1 title

Year Champion   Year Champion
1922/23 Zamalek "Mokhtalat"   1938/39 Ahly
1923/24 Sekka   1939/40 Zamalek "Mokhtalat"
1924/25 Ahly   1940/41 Zamalek "Mokhtalat"
1925/26 Sekka   1941/42 Ahly
1926/27 Ahly   1942/43 Ahly
1927/28 Ahly   1943/44 Zamalek "Farouk"
1928/29 Zamalek "Mokhtalat"*   1944/45 Zamalek "Farouk"
1929/30 Zamalek "Mokhtalat"   1945/46 Ahly
1930/31 Ahly   1946/47 Zamalek "Farouk"
1931/32 Zamalek "Mokhtalat"   1947/48 Ahly
1932/33 Tersana   1948/49 Zamalek "Farouk"
1933/34 Zamalek "Mokhtalat"   1949/50 Ahly
1934/35 Ahly   1950/51 Zamalek "Farouk"#
1935/36 Ahly   1951/52 Zamalek "Farouk"
1936/37 Ahly   1952/53 Zamalek#
1937/38 Ahly   1957/58 Ahly


Zamalek club changed names 2 times from Mokhtalat to Farouk to current name Zamalek

* Dispute on title winner Details

# Competiton was not played by first teams

* 1933/34 season was played in only one round due to Egypt's participation in Olympic games & in World Cup

* Contrary to the general belief that Zamalek won Cairo league 1945/46, according to Ahram Newspaper on 10/3/1946, Ahly beat Zamalek in the final league match and won title, see more  - Dr.Tarek Ahmed Said © 1996-2014 All Rights Reserved