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Welcome to DTBSB! This is the place for all Backstreet Boys fans to hang out, share stories, view pics, interact and a whole lot more. If anyone has any pictures we can use on our page, please email us. Please take time to sign in our guestbook! Thanx for visiting and enjoy your stay! Please bookmark our site and come back soon.

BARGAIN!! Get an advanced order of BSB's new Album so you can get it first, 'BLACK AND BLUE' including hits like Shape of my Heart!!!! GET IT TODAY and Get 30% off,yes 30% this fantastic cd. It is not even $14 USD !!!!

UPDATE!! BACK TO SCHOOL WITH THE BSB! well summer break is coming to end and we're getting ready for a new school year. why not spiff up your style with some jammin music supplies and i don't mean drums or flutes. im talking about folders,pencils,pens,notebooks, rulers and so much more with the backstreet boys plastered all over the front cover. best of all, you don't have to go to bsb direct to get it. wal-mart, claires, catos, goodys and other places are carring the supplies. at wal-mart the folders are only 68 cents a piece. you can also find supplies with nsync, 98 degrees, and britney spears on them. so go back to school in style. the music style that is!

ELTON JOHN ON THE BSB elton john is a legend in the music world and has inspired many young muscians. including none other than kevin of the bsb. it was a dream come true for the backstreet boys when on feb. 23 they performed live with elton on the grammys. it was also a memorable time for elton who is a huge bsb fan. quote: "they are the hardest working guys in the business. they sing their butts(edited) off, and they deserve all the respect they can get." I couldn't agree more with elton! since then the bsb has recorded with elton john. they were back-up vocals for songs to the soundtrack "road to el dorado".

BRITNEY THE BRIDE? ok. so we have all heard the rumors that justin timberlake has proposed to britney and that they are now engaged. "here comes the bride, here comes the bride" ha ha im just playing. both britney and justin have denied the rumors and that they are quote "just friends" however, the "just friends" statement did not discourage britneys crew from having a little fun with the situation. they got together and tied soda cans and streamers to the back of britneys tour bus and then wrote just married on the back of it. they drove for 300 miles like that before britney discovered it.

"The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter"

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