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I've found a different use for this game.If you invite your mum in while you are playing, its bound to make her sick,perfect to stop her bugging you.Anyway, Its got ridiculous difficulty, so the following hints should help:

There are several level jumps in Forsaken, where you can jump to a level on one of the harder routes from an easier route, they are:

You activate these in several ways. One is to finish the level with an phenominally high body count, or some times doing the level VERY fast activates the level jump.

I have also found a way to avoid being shot at by most enemies: If you hover directly over or below any turret then it will be unable to shoot at you. This does not work on the pulse turrets, though.


A guide to some of my favourite weapons

Titan: The most destructive weapon in the game. Its drawback is that it goes very slowly, although you can counter this by going foward when you fire it. This will make it fly through the air much faster than normal. The best place to fire it is if your target is in a tight tunnel as the smaller missiles that fly from the first explosion will also hit your target.

Mines: Purge mines are utterly useless, as they do next to no damage, Quantum mines are significantly more powerful, and it is possible to place one at the exact spot a power-up appears, destroying anyone who attempts to pick it up. Pine mines are also excellent, acting like missile platforms. Put them around a well visited room, but not too close together, because if one is destroyed it will cause a chain reaction, blowing up all the others.

Scatter: This is my favourite weapon because it causes a reasonable amount of damage as well as getting rid of all your opponent's weapons. The only way you can hurt someone with a Chaos Shield is to launch a scatter at them.

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