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Official Web Site of 202 entry Craft Apprentices association, No1 S of TT, RAF Halton

Official Web Site for 202 entry Craft Apprentices association




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A 202nd entry paver has been installed at the Halton Grove at the National Memorial Aboretum at Alrewas. Pavers have been laid in memory of Sgt Bill Robertson and J/T Pat Hurst, who both died in service.


Twenty four Entry members and partners attended a reunion in December 2016, when we celebrated 50 years since passing out on 14 Dec 1966. Reunions are held annually.


Background Information


The 202nd entry was the second of the Craft Apprentice entries. 201 entry had arrived at No 1 School of Technical Training RAF Halton in September 1964. The 90 plus young men, who would become 202 entry, arrived at Wendover station, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on 4 January 1965. We were attested into the Royal Air Force on 5 January 1965.


The craft apprentice scheme was designed to provide skilled craftsmen to service and maintain the TSR2 and the new generation of aircraft. The technician apprentice scheme was similarly designed to provide more highly qualified technicians to work alongside the craftsmen. Both schemes were to replace the aircraft apprentice schemes, which had been introduced in the nineteen twenties by The Lord Trenchard. The apprentices of the Trenchard scheme are affectionately known as brats. Both craft and technician apprentice schemes were worthy successors of the aircraft apprentices.


The TSR2 never went into service as the Wilson government decided on 15 April 1965 to scrap the aircraft, and to order F111 aircraft from the USA. The F111 order was cancelled in 1968. The craft apprentice scheme was redesigned to train skilled craftsmen, who would qualify as junior technicians, and become the senior NCOs of the RAF.


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A Flt 202 Entry January 1965 B Flt 202 Entry January 1965


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The Entry Commander was Flt Lt Brian Carter and his Adjutant was Fg Off Ambler. Brian Carter was last seen by Stuart Morgan in the Running Horse bar at the RAF Club in about 1985. Brian was working for a commercial airline as a pilot.


Many of the Entry went on to become commissioned officers, SNCOs, and warrant officers in the Royal Air Force. Of those who left the RAF at the end of their original term, many have had distinguished careers in civilian life.


One of the Cpl Aircraft Apprentices (CAA) from 104 Entry Aircraft Apprentices, who was the floor CAA in A Flt on our arrival, was Cliff Spink. Cliff reached the rank of Air Marshal. He retired from the service in November 2002, although by all accounts he still flies with the RAF Reserve, and he flies Hunters out of RAF Scampton. Frank Dixon and Stuart Morgan chatted with Cliff at the AGM of the RAF Halton Apprentices Association on 30 July 2011. Subsequently in 2012 Stuart and his wife chatted with Cliff during the reception hosted by the CAS in London in March 2012. Cliff has fond memories of 202nd entry.


Less than three weeks after joining the RAF, 202 were involved in the funeral arrangements of Sir Winston Churchill, who died on 25 January 1965. Many of the cadets of 201 and 202 entries did route lining for the funeral. Also, apprentices from 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, and 106 (Aircraft Apprentices) entries were also similarly involved.


Where are they now?


Regretably, Pat Hurst lost his life on 27 September 1968 (aged 19), early into his post Halton career. Details of his death are recorded on the Roll of Honour kept by the Royal British Legion. 


Pat Hurst's Grave


Mac Pile visited the grave in October 09 and placed the cross of remembrance in front of the grave “From 202nd Halton Brats”. Thanks from all of us Mac. 


Our ex-sergeant apprentice, Jim McKee is a member of our Entry association. He got in touch through this site. Jim lives in Bridlington with his wife. 


John Norman worked at BAE in Brough, East Yorkshire, until his retirement. In 2003 John crashed a glider and badly broke a leg. He is now fully recovered. He competed in a major gliding competition for veterans in Australia in early 2009.


Danny Elliot now lives in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. He is a Counsellor & Psychotherapist. He became a proud grandfather early in 2005. 


Robin Ling, Mick Meehan, Dennis Wherry and Stuart were in the air scouts when they were brats. Mick, Stuart and Robin earned the Queens Award and we went to Windsor Castle to be received by the Queen. On leaving the RAF in 1987, Rob Ling worked for Ruston Gas Turbines in Lincoln, and he lives on nearby Brant Road. 


The 202 association includes approximately 45 active members.


Finding lost colleagues


Stuart Morgan, who was for three years until 2013 Editor of the Haltonian magazine, has email contact with many other ex-brats, particularly in 102, 104, 106, 201, 203 and 204 entries (over 60 ex-colleagues). A list of known e-mail addresses for members of 202 entry is kept by Stuart Morgan and Jim Voss. Jim is the Branch representative to the RAF Halton Apprentices Association [RAFHAA]. A number of ex-202 entry brats are also to be found on the Old Haltonian social network site. There you will find a group for ex-brats of 202 entry, No 1 S of TT, RAF Halton. Membership of the Old Haltonian social network is open to any ex-Halton brat.


Visit The Old Haltonian social networking site


RAF Halton Apprentices Association


Membership of the RAF Halton Apprentices Association is another good way to keep in touch with ex-brats and the alma mater.


Details of all events and membership subscriptions are available on the RAFHAA affiliated Old Haltonian social networking site or from the RAFHAA, The RAFHAA Office, RAF Halton HP22 5PG. Sadly, RAF Halton is scheduled to close by the end of 2022.




A 202 entry stain glass window has been endowed by members of the association and placed in St George's church at RAF Halton.  


Several entry members attended the 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 Triennial reunions of RAFHAA at Halton. There is no date set yet for another Triennial reunion.


Favourite Links


        RAF Halton Apprentices Association web site

        Old Haltonian social network


Entry association members


A list of e-mail addresses of ex-202 entry brats is kept by Stuart Morgan and Jim Voss.


David Abbott lives near Lincoln.

David Burgin is the secretary of 24 Sqn.

Dr Peter Burke PhD retired in Jan 2011 from his post as a senior lecturer at Hull University. He lives in Beverley.

Roderick Campbell lives in Binbrook village.

Brian Carrington.

Pete Claydon lives in Norfolk.

Frank Dixon lives in Southend on Sea.

Danny Elliott is now a Counsellor & Psychotherapist, living in Australia.

Eddie Edwards (A Fitt (E)) who lived in Peterborough died, aged 63 years, on 30 June 2011.

Matt Ellis lived in Cirencester until emigrating to Australia in 2011.

Andrew Ferguson lives near Swindon.

Dave (Brickwood) Figgins lives in USA.

Tom Fortune lives In Cumbria.

Richie Goddard lives in Cornwall.

Keith Grant.

Dave Greenfield lives in Preston.

Paul Hicks lives in Looe, Cornwall.

Eddie Hughes lives in Lincoln.

Ken Isaac.

Allen Jackson.

Jimmy Jobson.

Terence Lacey was Wg Ad O for the Herts and Bucks Wing of the Air Training Corps before retiring to Spain in 2006.

Stewart Lanham.

Rob Ling is living in Lincoln.

John Manson.

John Maroney lives in Manchester.

Dave Massey.

Jim McKee, our ex-sergeant apprentice, is living in Bridlington.

Mick Meehan lives in Nelson, Lancs.

Anthony Millis.

Paul Moore is living in Australia.

Terry "The Vicar" Moore lives in the Algarve.

Stuart Morgan lives in Swansea.

John Norman lives in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Keith Parkin lives in Norfolk.

Mike Pay lives in Norfolk.

Raymond Malcolm (Mac) Pile lives in Royal Wooton Bassett.

Dave Pewter.

Stephen Pryde lives in Perth, Western Australia.

John Robinson lives in Lincoln.

Dave Stirling lived in Swindon. He died in 2017.

Keith Stuart lived in USA. He died in 2017.

Roger Tunsley lives in USA.

Jim Voss lives in Cottingham, West Yorkshire.

Gareth Walters died of cancer on 26 July 2014.

Nick Watts.

Dennis Wherry lives in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Dave Whiting who lived in North Devon after retiring in from BA at LGW, died in late May 2018.

Visit The Old Haltonian social networking site


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Last updated: Date 13 December 2016

Contact Webmaster: Stuart Morgan, 202nd entry