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Scapegoat Records
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Scapegoat Records

Click here for a brief description of the label

Click here for details on sending us your stuff and getting in contact with us

Click here for None Of The Above's very own website. mp3s are there to download, there's gig info/news and a bibliography on the up and coming Nottingham neo-punks.

Click here for the UKbase website, a site for underground music in the UK.

Scapegoat News:

The delights of SCAPEGOAT's imminent first release, NONE OF THE ABOVE'S "THEM VS. THEM" e.p., can be sampled right now by clicking right here . The track on offer is a very fine tune that goes by the name of "Not The 1." But you can make up your own minds.

In the meantime, despite the fact we are barely into the process of releasing our first cd, we have already decided we want to put together a compilation of unsigned bands later in the year, so we need some volunteers. Basically we want new, alternative bands who are offering something a bit different from the tired existing genres.

If you want to send your stuff in to us, or want to tell us about gigs you've got coming up (who knows, we might be in the area) then click on the relevant details on the left hand side.

Updated June 24th 2002