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Greetings, welcome to the website of The Rhythm Factory one of New York's premire music production companies. Established in 1998 and located in Brooklyn. The Rhythm Factory is geared towards the production of Reggae, R & B, Soca, Gospel and Hip Hop music. With a focus on artist development, we mine the uncut dimonds of the entertainment world to produce some of today's greatest rising talents.


"As We have stated time and time again, We are firmly persuaded that the path to guaranteeing the peace of the world lies in supporting the principle of Collective Security and the United Nations Charter, combined with a progressive reduction of the armaments which are being built up throughout the world. The billions of dollars which are now wasted on this fruitless effort could with great benefit be diverted into the constructive channels of aid for the economic growth of under-developed countries...." The words of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I. on Nov. 2, 1958.

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