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Oompa Loompa Music
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here you can download all the oompa loompa music i have

these songs were recorded for me PERSONALY in my palace, so BE CARFUL with them! 

Song 1 (Candy)                               Song 3 (Brat)                               

Song 2 (Gum Chewing)                     Song 4 (T.V.)                        All 4 in 1 file

Agusatas Gloop
Song 1
Song one is about Augustus Gloop when he got stuck in the pipe. And there he is.
  Violet Beauregarde

Song 2
Song two is about Violet Beauregarde when she ate that funny gum and turned into a bluebarry.  And there she is.


Veruca Salt

Song 3

Song three is about Veruca Salt when she is being a total brat.  And there she is (I know it dosn't look like her, but that is her).

Mike Tee Vee
Song 4

Song four is about Mike Tee Vee when he transmits himself over T.V. waves.  And there he is.