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Amstrad CPC Multiface Cheats


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How To Use A Multiface

Multiface 2 User Guide in text format

The  t  or  d  Next to the  name of the game means the cheat is for either Tape - t  or Disc - d.
You Could try the poke on either, It might work, It might not

Plug the Multiface 2 into the Expansion Socket on the back of the CPC

Please Note: If a game won't load up with the Multiface in the CPC, you may need to hide the Multiface
by pressing the red Button then R before you load the game

To Enter a Cheat or Poke

a) Load game as normal

b) Press the Red button on the Multiface 
    (F11 if u are using an  Emulator  on a PC)

c) Press T for Tool

d) Press * to make sure you select the game code

e) Press H for Hexadecimal Input

f) Press SPACE for input

g) Type in the Address (4 characters ie. 3A7C)

h) Type in the poke (2 characters ie. A7)

i) Press Return

j) If there is more than one poke goto f)

k) Press ESC to go back to main menu

l) Press R to return to game

This Is My Multiface 2

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All Mutiface 2 cheats have been copied from Amstrad Action magazine