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The Maps of Underlight

Click on a map to bring up the exploded view

I would like to thank all of those who spent their time exploring The City and composing these maps.

I update these maps when I find an error, or you could help me!

Albino Caves

Basin Of Stars

Cairn Of Sorrow

Caudal Rift

Cenotaph Of Dread

Chasm Of Souls

The Citadel

Dorsal Rift

Edgeward Barrows

Evernight Plateau

Gloom Peaks

Harrow Glades

Lambent Flats

Library Of Souls

Lost Caves

Mt. Illapse

Ossuary Of Dread

Threshold Caves

Threshold Pits


Trinity Fields

Umbric Plains

The Unknown

Valley Of Totality

Underlight Scroll