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Dreamers of Underlight

This is going to be one page of construction that will never cease!

You will probably notice that some Dreamers have numbers in the note field, this is a way of telling how old a Dreamer is in comparison to another. (To find a Dreamers number, you create a Support Token for them, and then ID it. The Target number is the Dreamers number. Many Dreamers have the same number, this means that they started at around the same time.) This method no longer works as it used to, so I won't be listing any more numbers.

Another way of telling how old a Dreamer is, is when you first enter a room, the Dreamers are listed from oldest at the top to newest, in your Who List; Join Party members are always listed first.

Now I know I can guarantee that there are going to be errors and lots of missing info on this page.

I will be listing homepages in the notes section and if the Dreamer has some interesting history or something that they wish to share with us, then their name will be a link to a page dedicated to them.

Last updated: Sunday October 30, 2005

If you see errors or something/someone missing, please email them to me so that I may get this corrected ASAP.
Dranak - you missed something!


Name Focus Teacher Notes
2 B SM Yes was DoL Guardian


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
AAce X      
Acendor     (126)
Adavia FS   PoR
Aejeck GK    
Aeondea     FreeSpirit (127)
Aethrwolf     was OoSM Ruler
Ahria     was OoSM Guardian
AI250     (126)
AI-E   Yes UoC (51)
Aikido     HC Ruler (100)
Aileron SM   HC (107)
Aindinn     GoE (126)
Ajus     FreeSpirit (126)
Akish     (113)
Albron Lambent FS   FreeSpirit
Alchemist GK    
Alden Asha Laa FS    
AldricSae     FreeSpirit (125)
AllDayTrooperK FS   was OoSM Ruler (16)
Amante SM   OoSM
Amaryllis DS    
Amber Do'Urden     FreeSpirit (121)
Ambi GK Yes -> MT AoE Ruler (15)
Amon Ra     (126)
Amygdala     was OoSM Ruler
Anarchy     GoE
AndrewMare     (125)
angel665d     DoL (111)
Angela     ex-PoR Ruler
Angel D GK    
Angelmal     (126)
Angle of Death     DoL
Annabel SM Yes AoE (117)
Antiras     FreeSpirit (126)
Anubus     (123)
Aphestius   Yes FreeSpirit (78)
Aphrael     HC (108)
Aranea Soahc     AoE (99)
Arcturas     (126)
Ariana GK Yes FreeSpirit; one of the First Teachers
Arlyana Jax DS   HC
Army man GK   Apprentice to Isun; City Guard member
Arreouw DS Yes FreeSpirit
Asaniel     FreeSpirit (102)
Ashara     (126)
Ashling SM   PoR
Assassin911     (123)
Atilla     DoL (126)
Auger     PoR Ruler
Aurora     FreeSpirit
Avery     FreeSpirit (126)
Ayesh DS Yes OoSM Guardian (40)
Aytania     was DoL Guardian
Azeazal     FreeSpirit (94)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
badger GK Yes -> MT PoR Guardian; was UoC Guardian (78)
BaldertheBrave GK    
Balinor DS   DoL
Ballaster GK   DoL
Balrog of Tarda GK Yes OoSM Guardian (109)
Bartempkin     PoR (48)
BC Killian DS Yes was DoL
Bear Crusher      
Belg DS Yes FreeSpirit (41)
Berkana   Yes FreeSpirit (103)
Biggie Z DS Yes DoL Guardian (62)
BiG PuN GK   FreeSpirit
Bilbo Baggins GK Yes FreeSpirit (18)
Bioom     Capital ( i ) to be BIoom
Black Angel FS Yes FreeSpirit; was HC Guardian (exiled) (30)
Black-Lotus DS Yes GoE (was PoR Ruler - Demoted)
blackthunder222     (109)
Black Velvet GK   DoL
BladeSlayer242 SM Yes FreeSpirit (80)
Blana GK   was UoC; GoE (125)
Bledsoe     FreeSpirit (127)
Bloom GK Yes GoE (was DoL ruler)
Blue Jacket     FreeSpirit (46)
BlueKnight FS   GoE (123)
Blue Saber     HC (107)
Blurp     FreeSpirit (43); Discoverer and founder of Climbing
Boggen GK   one of HC original openers; FreeSpirit
Bonham DS Yes was-DoL Ruler
Brad     FreeSpirit (41)
Braelynn FS Yes UoC Ruler
Brain FS Yes KoES (was DoL Ruler)
Branwen     (126)
BraveBattleer GK    
Brazen     FreeSpirit (123)
Breyd FS Yes was DoL Guardian; was GoE Ruler
Breyer GK Yes  
Briggs SM   DoL
Brigitte DS   OoSM (119)
bristel     FreeSpirit (103)
brother TlMOTHY DS Yes FreeSpirit (80); was Brother Timothy
Broven     PoR (112)
Brynn of Dro     FreeSpirit (44)
Buckeye DS   OoSM Guardian (82)
bueboy     FreeSpirit (109)
BurgandyRose DS   PoR
BuzZz FS   HC


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Caille     FreeSpirit (88)
Calaelis     GoE (103)
Calysto     Homepage
Candi     FreeSpirit (125)
Carnach SM Yes was OoSM; FreeSpirit (can sphere)
CASANDRALOVE GK Yes FreeSpirit (88)
Cathita DS Yes  
Celestial DS   DoL
Cera GK Yes  
Ceverius     FreeSpirit (126)
Ceyllynn GK Yes FreeSpirit (63)
Charixz GK Yes  
Chaz2     PoR (101)
Checan     was DoL Ruler
Cherie GK    
Cherlia FS Yes FreeSpirit (75); daughter of Arreouw
ChrisJericho     FreeSpirit (126)
Chryseis   Yes FreeSpirit (97)
Cianne SM Yes FreeSpirit (70)
Cinnamon     FreeSpirit (126)
Cklurean     (126)
Clara GK   GoE
ClarityRose FS    
Cliodna SM   FreeSpirit
Clooee     HC (120)
Cloud9 DS Yes was DoL Guardian
Comrade     FreeSpirit (31)
CONMAN GK   was HC Guardian (59)
Cordel     (123)
Corrozus SM Yes was Guardian of UoC
COrRupt10n DS Yes PoR Ruler (104)
Corrynne SM   PoR
CreepingShadow     FreeSpirit (113)
Crig     FreeSpirit (110)
Crimson Tears SM Yes FreeSpirit
CriPpleMaNg SM   GoE (52)
Crysa     GoE (111)
Crysdark DS Yes  
Crystalline DS Yes -> MT  
Cupid GK Yes was DoL Guardian
Cyberbob GK   FreeSpirit
Cyborg512 GK Yes -> MT  Homepage; was DoL Ruler
Cymer DS   was DoL Guardian


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
D0nald     FreeSpirit (126)
D'Anne     OoSM (119)
Daedaennna FS   GoE
Dagnon     FreeSpirit (126)
Dagonet SM   FreeSpirit
Dailine DS   was DoL
Dakira     FreeSpirit (109)
Dakkoth SM Yes  
Dane DS Yes -> MT OoSM Ruler (6)
daSas GK Yes HC
Darkel DS Yes  
Darken Akalah     AoE (122)
DarkForce GK    
Dark Angel CT GK    
Dark Pheonix DS   PoR (98)
Dark Termite GK    
DarkmanX     (125)
darkwarrior GK   FreeSpirit (48); was OoSM
Daeymien GK Yes  
Daizy Mesa SM    
Danknug     ex-PoR Ruler
Darby FS Yes UoC (102)
Darion GK Yes -> MT KoES Guardian; was DoL Guardian; was GoE Ruler (18)
Dayride's Aura DS Yes -> MT FreeSpirit; was OoSM (78)
Dazzler     (123)
De_Mon     was DoL Guardian
Delirius     FreeSpirit (126)
Delucian GK   DoL (68)
Dena DS Yes FreeSpirit (can Sphere); one of the First Teachers
Deren     FreeSpirit (126)
Destinee FS   DoL (112)
Deverra     FreeSpirit (125)
Dextor     UoC
dharamsala     FreeSpirit (102)
Diatribe GK Yes Was DoL Guardian
Dinkar Tej     FreeSpirit (119)
dolly day dream SM Yes UoTC (76)
Domination     was DoL Guardian
Don Berto GK Yes DoL Ruler inactive
Dorlanis     FreeSpirit (127)
Dr Carl Jung DS Yes DoL Ruler inactive
Dr Elmo FS Yes  
Dragon GK    
Dragonmist DS Yes  
Dragus Dragoon GK Yes UoC (9)
Drakkath     (125)
Dranak SM Yes was DoL (46)
Drand     (125)
Dra-Kazh     FreeSpirit (113)
Dra-Khan DS   HC
Dravitzz     GoE (93)
DreamEdge SM   was PoR; GoE Guardian (125)
Dream Fire SM   was DoL Guardian
DreamWarrior GK Yes  
DreamzWeaver DS Yes HC Guardian (55)
Dreiko     OoSM
Dremorus     PoR Guardian (84)
DrEvil2000 SM   DoL
Drewsky DS    
Drizzt Do-Urden SM Yes OoSM (54)
Druss     was AoE Guardian (36)
Dryad DS Yes  
DSelestial DS   was DoL
Dynae Arcturus GK Yes -> MT  
Dyzz Nataz GK   PoR


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Earthwill FS    
EbonySkye     (126)
EeEbRo     UoC (112)
Eflyn     (126)
Eilathen SM    
Eldora DS Yes UoC Guardian
Eldron GK   GoE
Elektra SM   HC
Elena DS   PoR
Elias GK   OoSM (111)
Elryck von-Bek SM Yes OoSM (68)
Elsbeth     FreeSpirit (123)
Elspet DS Yes FreeSpirit (112)
Eltanin DS Yes was DoL Guardian
Elysia SM   Homepage; GoE Ruler
Elzabar     was OoSM Ruler
Ember     PoR
Emily     FreeSpirit (126)
Enchantra     was OoSM Guardian
Endal     FreeSpirit (126)
eNdOrPhiN     FreeSpirit (93)
Eowyn     FreeSpirit (123)
Erasmus DS Yes -> MT was AoE Ruler
erin     PoR (123)
Error     HC (79)
Erutzz DS Yes UoC Guardian


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
F1ames     deceased
F1nn     deceased
Fallen     FreeSpirit (43)
Farramirr SM   KoES
FatesDream     FreeSpirit (123)
Father Sky DS   GoE (75)
Feanor SM   OoSM Guardian
Felion GK   Homepage; DoL Ruler Inactive
FeNiX R DS   PoR
Fernir GK Yes -> MT  
Ferro     AoE (106)
Final Justice GK   GoE; was AoE (126)
Fin Marda DS   AoE Ruler (84)
Fire-and-Ice     UoC (118)
Fireball SM Yes PoR
Firecat     HC
FireKracker DS   DoL
Firien-dale SM   PoR
flagg   Yes FreeSpirit (10)
flash333 DS   FreeSpirit
Flower of Cienn     PoR (108)
FLUSHY SM Yes -> MT was DoL Ruler (18)
Folko DS Yes GoE; was UoC Guardian (61)
fotowca GK   was PoR Ruler (107)
Fredegar FS Yes AoE Ruler (64)
frelinn SM   FreeSpirit
Freya GK Yes was DoL Ruler
Frostbite FS    
Frumpy FS Yes  


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Galelic SM   FreeSpirit
Galthanos GK Yes GoE
Ganon DS   OoSM
GateKeeper GK Yes  
Gebbin DS   FreeSpirit
Geryon     OoSM
Ghaleor     FreeSpirit (111)
Ghalleon GK Yes FreeSpirit; was OoSM (74)
Ghazgkull GK Yes -> MT FreeSpirit (16); Captain of the City Guard
Ghea GK Yes HC Ruler; one of the original openers
ghoul     FreeSpirit (118)
Gianna Verien DS   FreeSpirit
Gilean GK Yes Homepage; OoSM (70)
GoL     DoL (89)
Golah GK Yes  
Goldenfury GK   DoL (91)
Goldielocks     GoE Guardian (103)
Gorgunson     UoC Guardian (125)
Grandor DS Yes  
Grayling SM   was DoL Guardian
Grendll GK    
guardDog GK Yes -> MT AoE; was OoSM Guardian (24)
Guardian23 GK   DoL; Brother to Magenta
GuardianMaster     FreeSpirit (127)
GuardianOfLight FS   PoR (53)
Guiscard     FreeSpirit (97)
Gumby GK   GoE
Gwenivere DS   was OoSM Ruler
Gwyden DS    
Gypsy     was DoL Ruler


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Habassa5 GK Yes was DoL Ruler
Haleth Dagore SM Yes FreeSpirit (20)
hannababy GK Yes  
Harpersinger     UoC (73)
HaukStormblade     FreeSpirit (125)
Hemphop FS Yes PoR Ruler - demoted (13)
herlia FS Yes  
Hiby GK    
HiRoGliFiQ FS Yes  
hiro ulee SM    
hock     (125)
Howard Phillips     OoSM (107)
Hrrum SM    
HummingBird     PoR (119)
Hunter     was HC Ruler
HydrA     (126)
HydrAIce     FreeSpirit (108)
Hypocrites SM Yes HC; was OoSM (106)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
I Dont Care     FreeSpirit
I Don't Know FS Yes FreeSpirit (48)
Ianiae     Homepage-automatic Maren translator *only one I know of*; OoSM
IceKin FS   UoC (123)
Ice Talon DS Yes  
icewolf     UoC (95) *** May his soul Rest In Peace ***
ichybaun DS Yes UoC Guardian (65)
IcyFlame     FreeSpirit (125)
Ikandrus     FreeSpirit (126)
Ilandria SM Yes PoR Guardian (90)
Ilythia   Yes DoL (33)
Indigo Skies     FreeSpirit
Innioc FS Yes FreeSpirit; was OoSM Ruler (59)
Intrigue DS Yes was AoE Ruler (62)
Invictus DS Yes FreeSpirit
InXtReMiZz     was OoSM Guardian
Inzoum GK Yes -> MT GoE Ruler (12)
Ironies II SM Yes HC Guardian (81)
Ishido FS Yes -> MT was DoL Guardian (8)
Islif Lurelake FS Yes  
Isun SM Yes -> MT FreeSpirit (can Sphere); City Guard Captain
Itma DS    


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Jabfest FS Yes  
Jabby SM    
Jack of Shadows DS   DoL
Jalakura SM    
Jamey   Yes -> MT HC Guardian (42)
Jayde GK   PoR (114)
Jazpar DS    
Jennteel SM   PoR
Jeremiah     FreeSpirit (126)
Jevik Bane GK Yes  
Jimbobway GK   UoC (4)
Jiovanni DS Yes was UoC Ruler
Joram SM Yes OoSM Guardian (51)
Joshua Mandrake GK Yes HC
Jobe Fearless GK    
Jolly GK Yes -> MT FreeSpirit (41)
Jon Angelo     UoC (99)
Juan SM   was HC Guardian
Julean GK    
Juraviel FS Yes  


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Kaeli DS Yes  
Kaer GeRRoZ DS Yes GoE; was GoE Ruler
Kage SM Yes City Guard member - one of the founders
Kahage DS Yes FreeSpirit (114)
Kailoth DS Yes HC
Kaipanther FS   FreeSpirit
Kalelle GK Yes  
Kakarrot     FreeSpirit (126)
Kane     FreeSpirit (11)
Kard DS Yes -> MT First Dreamer to reach 7th Sphere since the Great Loss (36)
Karina     FreeSpirit (126)
Kashmere DS   GoE
Kasumi Keda DS   was DoL Guardian
Kathy16     HC
Kayla DS Yes -> MT was UoC Ruler (40)
Kazh     UoC (113)
Keeka GK Yes DoL; was DoL Ruler
kellergeister SM Yes FreeSpirit (111)
Kelos DS Yes -> MT HC Ruler (13) - one of the original openers
Keltarr     UoC Guardian (105)
Kelvian SM    
Kendo SM   GoE
kepler     FreeSpirit (127)
Keron     FreeSpirit (121)
Kestra Nuvar DS   OoSM
Khadgar     FreeSpirit (126)
Khalaii GK Yes  
KhaTeyaNa DS Yes KoES Ruler (122)
Kia Ravenheart SM was -> was UoC; was OoSM Ruler (7)
Kiki     FreeSpirit (127)
KillenMenjaro   Yes FreeSpirit (26)
Killer~SOC~ GK   was HC Ruler; FreeSpirit villain
King Baba     GoE (119)
King Edward GK Yes ex-PoR Ruler
Kinya     PoR (126)
Kirk GK   FreeSpirit (31)
Kivander SM Yes DoL (20)
Klang     FreeSpirit (120)
KnightFox     FreeSpirit (126)
Koga Shuko      
Kornholio GK    
Krukton     FreeSpirit (122)
Krynn FS Yes OoSM Ruler; very prominent Historian
Kudzoo DS Yes founder of the Pacifist movement
Kvasir FS Yes HC; was PoR Ruler
Kyrie     was AoE


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
LadyBug (98) GK Yes *** May her soul Rest In Peace ***
LadyDi     was DoL Guardian
LadyHawke     FreeSpirit (127)
LadySteele FS   GoE
Lanik     PoR Ruler
Lansphere DS    
Laoshi DS   HC
Larek DS    
Lawman DS Yes  
Lazborn     FreeSpirit (126)
Leoscorp     UoC (78)
Leotard     AoE (125)
lethalone GK   was DoL Guardian
Leviticus DS    
Lexxy Mesa SM Yes  
Leya SM   FreeSpirit; was OoSM Guardian (54)
Liandra     FreeSpirit (127)
LightofDark SM   FreeSpirit (102)
Li'l Iceman     AoE (122)
Link GK Yes was DoL Guardian (6)
Liondra DS Yes was GoE Ruler; was DoL Guardian
Lissa SM Yes HC Ruler (11)
Lissandra     OoSM
LMBE GK   was DoL Guardian
Lonesome Jackyl   Yes FreeSpirit (55)
Lonewolf SM Yes  
Lord Empathy SM Yes was AoE Guardian (68)
LordMagmus GK   FreeSpirit
Lord Omnipotus GK Yes -> MT DoL (32)
Lord Shadow-X     FreeSpirit (122)
LordRabbi     (126)
LovesIight DS Yes Homepage; DoL Ruler (73)
LoVeTWiNkiE DS Yes  
LoXx GK Yes DoL
LrdMarboro GK    
Lucinda DS Yes FreeSpirit; was DoL (62)
Luinitari DS Yes -> MT OoSM Ruler
Lunchbachs     OoSM
Lusenda FS Yes OoSM Ruler (47)
Luthair     was PoR Ruler
Luthor DS Yes UoC Ruler (105)
Lycian Star      
Lyre     FreeSpirit (123)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Mace   Yes HC (114)
Machiavelli DS Yes was PoR Ruler
Mack Daddy   Yes was HC Ruler (17)
Macky DS Yes was PoR Ruler (88)
Maddyn DS    
Madhornett GK    
Mael SM    
Magenta GK   Homepage; DoL; Sister of Guardian23; Wife of Pheonix Redhawk
MagentJr     FreeSpirit (126)
Magerum   Yes -> MT FreeSpirit; was OoSM Ruler (20)
Magnet GK Yes PoR Guardian; was PoR Ruler (46)
Magnilia SM Yes OoSM; was KoES Ruler (126)
Magnum-425 FS   GoE
Maker DS   DoL Ruler Inactive
Malfeas FS    
Mandelina     OoSM (125)
Mangler   Yes FreeSpirit (55)
mangoes DS Yes -> MT Homepage; OoSM Guardian
Manido SM   FreeSpirit
Mannox Riversdg SM Yes was DoL Guardian
MareSlayer14 FS   UoC
Marria     (126)
Mashman SM Yes PoR Ruler - Demoted
MaskedKnight SM Yes  
Master Silkk FS Yes was DoL Guardian
Maxim II SM   DoL Guardian
Megabyte GK    
Meg Candleflame     OoSM (14)
Melko DS   FreeSpirit (117)
Meow GK    
meylia     FreeSpirit (120)
Midhir DS Yes OoSM Guardian (50)
Mik500     HC
Minayla GK   GoE
Minuette SM Yes -> MT was GoE; FreeSpirit (40)
Mithrim     (125)
Modrek SM    
Mokkan SM Yes  
MolashnoA GK Yes FreeSpirit (87)
Molly Mayhem     FreeSpirit (78)
moondust FS Yes PoR (116)
Moon-Glow SM Yes -> MT GoE Guardian (51)
Moonwolf GK Yes  
MrChaos FS Yes HC
Ms Xtreme GK Yes -> MT PoR Ruler(37)
Mufassa SM   was HC Guardian
Mugsaith     FreeSpirit (127)
Munchkin DS Yes -> MT FreeSpirit; was GoE Ruler; was DoL Ruler (14)
Munkor   Yes HC Guardian (97)
Myradyl Avri'la DS Yes AoE Guardian (81)
Myri     OoSM (98)
Myridian Sun FS Yes DoL; was PoR Ruler (113)
Mystakalah SM Yes was AoE Ruler (122)
mystery-man     UoC (114)
Mystic Angel DS   GoE


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Nareb SM   FreeSpirit
Narine     FreeSpirit (126)
Navaria     was DoL Guardian
Nectar GK   DoL Guardian
Nefratim SM   OoSM
Nemi DS Yes  
Nezquill Shade     OoSM (119)
Niftycrackers FS    
NightHawk DS Yes  
NightLite FS    
NiNJa   Yes PoR (50)
nobullskip GK   PoR (10)
NoKnee     ex-PoR Ruler
NORGalthanos GK Yes PoR Ruler
Norkight DS Yes OoSM Ruler (5)
NORMantho FS    
NOS DS    
NosferatuTiger1 SM   DoL
Novgorad GK Yes -> MT Homepage; PoR Ruler (12)
N vi im      
Nyryn DS    
Nziri DS Yes AoE Ruler


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Oblivion     (126)
OfF KiLTeR DS Yes MT Sphere was DoL Guardian (118)
Onyx Nightblade DS Yes GoE Guardian (89)
Orion's Soul   Yes HC
Osmos   Yes HC Guardian (55)
Osric GK Yes -> MT HC Guardian (19)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
PaganGypsy SM Yes HC
Palani DS Yes HC
Pale Angel DS   HC; wife of Brother Timothy
PAMSWEETS GK Yes Homepage; GoE
Pandorina FS    
Pangent   Yes GoE Guardian (108)
partex     HC Ruler (45)
Patro   Yes was GoE Guardian - demoted; FreeSpirit (73)
Pazrael DS Yes -> MT GoE Ruler (63); married to Tapestry
Pertinax DS Yes  
Phantasos FS   PoR
PhantomMage     FreeSpirit (127)
Phaze Zone GK   OoSM
Pheonix RedHawk GK Yes DoL Guardian (10); Husband of Magenta
PhoenixBlade     FreeSpirit; was OoSM (125)
Phoenix Roc DS   OoSM
Phyz     FreeSpirit (44)
pikachu113     FreeSpirit (105)
PishPosh     GoE (88)
Pixar FS Yes HC; was OoSM (106)
Plato     PoR Ruler - Demoted
Prasas     FreeSpirit (126)
PoloJoe     HC Guardian (96)
poppygirl GK Yes FreeSpirit; was DoL Guardian (87)
Prothall SM   PoR
PuRe RaGe GK   FreeSpirit (110)
Purple Lace DS Yes -> was FreeSpirit (75)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Quelmar DS    
Qui-Gon Jinn GK   HC (106)
QuickStrike     UoC (118)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Rafael Mesa DS    
Rafe DS Yes was AoE; FreeSpirit
Raiden DS    
Raidho     FreeSpirit (126)
Railston   Yes UoC (71)
Ramesses DS Yes  
Ramslend SM Yes was GoE; was PoR Guardian; was UoC (117)
Randar   Yes was HC Ruler (13)
rasberrie     FreeSpirit (127)
Rasika     OoSM
Rasputin DS Yes -> MT PoR Ruler (10)
Rathis Tarn     FreeSpirit (115)
Ravageone FS Yes (4)
Raven Lunatic GK Yes -> MT Homepage; PoR Ruler
Raven Solseer     was OoSM Guardian
RavenXR SM   HC (6)
RAY GK    
RayvenFire FS   PoR (39)
Razaak GK   PoR Ruler
Raze     PoR Ruler - demoted
Rediculous     FreeSpirit (126)
RedSorceress SM Yes -> MT UoC (63)
Reh'Dak SM   HC
Renna SM   FreeSpirit; was OoSM (114)
Ren-Rael     PoR Ruler - demoted
Restel     HC Guardian (110)
Rey MysterioJr     AoE Guardian (105)
Rhyonna SM    
Ricki SM Yes DoL Guardian (was Rick100) (73)
RitterWulfe     PoR Ruler
Ritual Child DS    
RobinGoodFellow     FreeSpirit (126)
RockJaw SM    
Rockk     FreeSpirit (98)
Rohaan     FreeSpirit (126)
Roland FS Yes Homepage; OoSM Ruler *Retired*
RussERuss     FreeSpirit (126)
RuthAnn     AoE (122)
Ryanna     FreeSpirit (78)
Rysoe GK   GoE
RZS     PoR Ruler - Demoted


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Sable DS Yes GoE
Sabravega   Yes GoE Guardian (78)
Sabriana DS Yes was KoES
Sage X SM Yes DoL (103)
Sakura     FreeSpirit
Salandar     FreeSpirit (96)
Samarina FS Yes -> MT OoSM (52)
Sandarman     (126)
Sanisha SM   Sanisha Newleaf
Saruman     PoR Ruler
Savage     FreeSpirit (95)
Saxxon FS   PoR
Scabrunner     was DoL Guardian
Scorpion     HC (35)
Seara GK Yes FreeSpirit
Selika SM Yes Homepage; OoSM Guardian (64); in charge of SM Guild
Sen Das FS    
Senshi GK   GoE
Sephiroth Jamf FS Yes PoR
Septimus     FreeSpirit (125)
SerialKiller33 GK Yes FreeSpirit (64)
Serianth   Yes -> MT UoC Ruler (45)
Sett DS Yes FreeSpirit (69)
SeVeNRoSeS FS   FreeSpirit; was OoSM (106)
Shadowhawk SM    
Shadowman     HC
ShadowProphet DS   HC (4)
ShadowsSpawn GK    
Shai'tan     PoR Ruler - Demoted
Shakirah FS   PoR
SHAMBLER     FreeSpirit (43)
Shannay     HC (117)
Sharletann     AoE (126)
Sheg     (126)
Shekinah     (126)
Shine FS Yes FrS
Shouryuken DS Yes GoE
Sidious Tryhnak SM    
Sigon     HC
Silent Death FS Yes  
Silent Lucidity GK Yes  
Silverwake FS Yes -> was FreeSpirit; was UoC Ruler (47)
Sir Grunt GK Yes OoSM
Sir Jesvi     OoSM (116)
Sita Citanul     FreeSpirit (46)
Slythande GK   PoR
Smoke FS   The first and very influential FreeSpirit villain
SN!PER FS Yes was HC Ruler (10)
Snapcase GK    
Snork     HC
Snow Angel SM   HC Ruler (87)
Snowblind DS Yes OoSM Ruler
SnowStorm     FreeSpirit (127)
SocietyX DS Yes -> was FreeSpirit (16) (can Sphere)
Socrates DS    
So-Lar SM   PoR (113)
Solar Kahn      
SolarWolf     FreeSpirit (126)
Soleil     FreeSpirit (106)
Solek     HC
Solister DS   AoE
Soltari     HC (125)
SONYA GK Yes OoSM (99)
Soul11 GK    
SoulessWolf SM    
Soul Reaper DS    
SoulReaper720     FreeSpirit (126)
soulsphere FS   AoE; was a Soulsphere, had 00/00 DreamSoul !
soulthief FS Yes FreeSpirit (can Sphere)
spectryl     FreeSpirit (126)
Squall Lionhart     FreeSpirit (120)
Stalker333   Yes was OoSM Ruler (14)
Starfall FS Yes was AoE
Starling FS    
Starfire     FreeSpirit (75)
Star Scream GK   GoE
Starspyre     *** May his soul Rest In Peace ***
Stephen Hey FS   GoE; was DoL (81)
Steven R SM   DoL (110)
Storum     HC
Soul Reaper   Yes FreeSpirit (34)
STU GK    
Sublimemota DS   KoES
Subtle One GK Yes -> MT AoE Ruler (68)
SukeyLee     FreeSpirit (33)
SunBlade SM Yes GoE
SuperMix DS Yes -> MT was DoL Guardian(33)
Surak     OoSM (31)
Swazette     PoR Ruler - Demoted
Sweething DS Yes -> was was DoL Ruler; was FreeSpirit (31)
swiftestone   Yes FreeSpirit (108)
Syfer DS   PoR (119)
Synteny DS Yes AoE Guardian (93)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
TabbyKat     OoSM (125)
Taeloc Otek     HC Seneschal
Taezarra DS   OoSM
Taja DS   HC Ruler
Takumi DS    
TalbotX     ex-PoR Ruler
Talanor GK    
Talin Dametraz SM Yes  
Tannim DS   OoSM Guardian
Tapestry     GoE; married to Ruler Pazrael
Tarothin     FreeSpirit (125)
Taryag613   Yes GoE Guardian (65)
TaselhOff DS Yes GoE
taureanh FS Yes was DoL Guardian (8)
TDan GK   HC
Technomancer     AoE (122)
TeeJay     FreeSpirit (126)
Terra SM Yes -> MT Was DoL Guardian  *** May her soul Rest In Peace ***
tesha     UoC (96)
Thad     (126)
-Thanatos-     FreeSpirit (103)
The Darkness DS    
THE JESTER SM Yes FreeSpirit; was DoL Guardian (62)
The Original Puck     FreeSpirit (74)
THE   REBEL     (3 Spaces) (105)
TheSeer     FreeSpirit (126)
The Striker GK Yes Homepage; was DoL Ruler (27)
TheWitch DS    
The Wizard King     UoC (88)
Theros     ex-PoR Ruler
Thomas Marritza GK Yes  
Thorax     HC (121)
Thornack SM   PoR Guardian; was PoR Ruler (103)
Thrawn GK Yes HC
Thunberg Lyran   First Dreamer to make Lyran status
Tiberious     was OoSM Guardian
Tiger     First Dreamer to be married in the Dream; was DoL
TigerFate     FreeSpirit (123)
Tilvert   Yes was DoL Guardian (3)
TJ Dilenquent     PoR Ruler - Demoted
Tobias Brogan GK Yes -> was was DoL Guardian (62)
Tobin B      
Toby'z Friend GK   was DoL (89)
Tolket DS Yes HC Ruler
Tone FS Yes PoR (31)
Torea     FreeSpirit (126)
TrajanIII     OoSM (125)
Trayan     FreeSpirit (127)
tres soahc     AoE (113)
TresSoahc     FreeSpirit (126)
Tristan Kenrick     FreeSpirit (120)
Triste GK Yes Homepage; HC Guardian
Turbo-Speed   Yes -> was FreeSpirit (26)
tux DS Yes -> MT HC Ruler
Tylor     (125)
Tyrrone FS Yes  
Tzandara     FreeSpirit (104)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
U Lost To Me     was DoL (50)
Ultimate Dark DS    


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
vachat999     FreeSpirit (125)
Vaire     FreeSpirit (126)
Valentino     (123)
Valesh     FreeSpirit (126)
Valourin FS Yes -> MT Homepage; was DoL Ruler (11); First Dreamer to be married in the City
Vanin     was PoR Ruler
Vash Lietra     (126)
Vedik DS    
Venom DS Yes HC
Vertigo     FreeSpirit (7)
Victrix GK Yes was DoL Ruler
Violet     FreeSpirit
ViperPoison DS   HC
Virgil Ruomo SM Yes was PoR Ruler; left due to beliefs (105)
Viridis DS    
Vistus     UoC (85)
Voxaroth SM Yes  


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
waldo the great GK Yes  
Warbringer   Yes HC (39)
Ware the Dream     was DoL Guardian
Warhawk15     HC (65)
War-On-U     was OoSM Guardian
'Warren     HC
Warrior Rekoms GK    
Watcher SM Yes was DoL Ruler
Wazoo     (126)
WeaponX     (126)
Wedlock     FreeSpirit (126)
Whiskey9 DS   DoL
WhiteZombie14 FS   was DoL; FreeSpirit (106)
Wilburr     HC Ruler
Wild     (126)
Windsong DS Yes GoE Guardian (92)
WinnoWill GK Yes  
WinterValentine     UoC (95)
WishBringer   Yes FreeSpirit (68)
wissper     was PoR Ruler
Witeknight DS Yes UoC Guardian (71)
Wolftcp   Yes -> MT HC Ruler (67)
Wraith DS Yes -> MT was DoL Ruler
Wraithos DS   PoR (121)
Wyatt GK Yes was HC Ruler


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Xandrrenor SM   GoE
Xanthicus SM   was DoL Guardian
Xanoc     (122)
Xanoxt     (125)
Xergon GK    
Xerith     FreeSpirit (127)
Xev     was DoL
Xiera     FreeSpirit (126)
XoJaguaroX     FreeSpirit (95)


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Yarfrag DS   was DoL
Yashua FS   DoL
Yasushi GK Yes  
Yigrani     FreeSpirit (90)
Yinesay     OoSM
YoshiMaNg SM Yes was DoL Guardian
yphymbly DS   GoE Ruler


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Name Focus Teacher Notes
Zahariel     OoSM
Zain GK Yes FreeSpirit (100)
Zandoria FS Yes FreeSpirit (93)
Zaqar     FreeSpirit (126)
Zardac DS Yes FreeSpirit
Zartok DS Yes -> MT OoSM (12)
Zeneca     OoSM (87)
Zerakis DS   GoE
zevilone GK   FreeSpirit (65)
Zhan're     HC
Zhoevius     was DoL Guardian
ZiggYBoo     (126)
Zik-Zak     was PoR Ruler
Zombiepup     FreeSpirit (126)
ZoRaK     FreeSpirit (85)
Zordoz SM Yes  
Zoric GK    
Zoruk SM    
Zykium FS Yes was DoL Ruler
Zyrien DS   PoR
zz GK   PoR Guardian
zzSuperman PoR Guardian (112)


Underlight Scrolls