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Links to Accounting Professions

Accounting is my major that I chose as a field of my study, why I chose it because I like it much since I was first year student in the University of Jordan. In my third year of undergraduate study I had a dream to be an academic in accounting and Alhamdullah I am now on the lane. Talking about accounting, I like cost accounting, management accounting, accounting theory as well as any accounting issues related to Islamic banking.

If you interested about accounting and want to know more about it, you can get access to my links page on the following links:

Accounting Links

Financial and Managerial Accounting:                         


International Accounting and Auditing Sites & Standards:

Reports, Research and Publications:                             

Accounting Organizations:                                           


Other Accounting Sites:                                              

Links to Universities and Accounting Departments


In this page also I included some information about the University of Western Sydney, where I've got my PhD degree and the Hashemite University, where I am working now and a lot of links to accounting departments.


University of Western Sydney (UWS)

This is building 21 in the UWS
Building 21 is in Campbelltown Campus, my office was there, it is the place where I have spent most of my study time during my PhD study in Australia. Click on the picture if you want to get access to the UWS web site


School of Accounting in UWS
Click on the animation to get access to the school of accounting department where I have got my PhD degree in the University of Western Sydney in Australia





Australian Accounting and Business Schools                

Click on the pictures to visit the web site of the Hashemite Uni.

The Hashemite Uni. where I am working now
The Hashemite University which located in Al-Zarqa Governorate, started the teaching on the first semester of the academic year of 1995. It is the 5th governmental university in Jordan and it is the second University in the middle sector of the Kingdom beside the university of Jordan which located in Amman. I have joined this Uni as a lecturer in 1996 where I have got a scholarship to continue my PhD study in Australia.

Accounting Departments in Western Universities          


Jordan Universities