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A political group that supports tradesman and women,
government for the equal opportunities and the right to work,
to earn a fair wage,
and victims of poverty and bad government in wealthy and developing nations.


U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Will Pocket at Least
$6.5m From the Men’s Team Reaching the World Cup
knockout Rounds—More Than They Received
for Winning Two Successive World Cups

By Chloe Taylor (December 1 2022) Fortune

Factbox-What Are Russia and Ukraine's
Positions on Talks to End the War?

By Pavel Polityuk and Mark Trevelyan
(November 30 2022) Reuters

US Rule Would Limit Methane Leaks From
Public Lands Drilling

By MATTHEW DALY (November 28 2022) AP

China's 'Zero-COVID' Limits Saved Lives
but No Clear Exit

(November 28 2022) Associated Press

Ukrainska Pravda! - Ukraine War News

Pakistan Taliban Ends Cease-Fire With Govt,
Vows New Attacks

By MUNIR AHMED (November 28 2022) AP

Cuba's Informal Market Finds New Space
On Growing Internet

By MEGAN JANETSKY (November 27 2022) AP

Taiwan's President Resigns as Party Leader
After Election Losses

By No Author (November 26 2022) AP

Iran's Khamenei Praises Basij Forces
For Confronting 'Rioters' -TV

By Parisa Hafezi (November 26 2022) Reuters

Pakistan Names a New Military Chief
Amid Bitter Political Feuding

By No Author (November 24 2022) Associated Press

Accountant Testifies Trump Claimed Decade of Huge Tax Losses
By MICHAEL R. SISAK (November 22 2022) Associated Press

Russian Chess Legend Says War in Ukraine
is a 'Battle Between Freedom and Tyranny'

By Alexander Nazaryan (November 19 2022) Yahoo

Iran Will Help Russia Build Drones for Ukraine War,
Western Officials Say

By Joby Warrick, Souad Mekhennet, and More
(November 19 2022) Washington Post

Devastating Floods in Pakistan

COP27 Agrees On Loss and Damage Fund
for Vulnerable Countries

By Stacy Meichtry, Matthew Dalton, and More
(November 19 2022) Wall Street Journal

U.S. Eyes Shifts on Climate Payments,
in Possible Breakthrough at Summit

By Karl Mathiesen and Zack Colman
(November 19, 2022) Politico

5 NATO Carrier Strike Groups, Including the US Navy's
Newest Supercarrier, are Patrolling Waters Around Europe

By Jake Epstein (November 18 2022) Business Insider

Explainer: Who Pakistan Picks as Army Chief
Matters Far Beyond its Borders

By Gibran Naiyyar Peshimam (November 17 2022) Reuters

‘Women, Life, Freedom.’ Inside the Protests Shocking Iran.
By Scott Peterson (November 17 2022) Christian Science Monitor

Seeking Compromise Candidate, Lebanese Politician Bassil
Leaves Door Ajar for Presidency Bid

By John Irish (November 17 2022) Reuters

U.S. House Speaker Pelosi Wraps up Long and
Historic Leadership Career

By Patricia Zengerle (November 17 2022) Reuters

Clarence Thomas Again Moves To Block Jan. 6
Inquiry That Could Implicate His Wife

By Paul Blumenthal (November 14 2022) HuffPost

Jan. 6 Panel Weighs ‘Next Steps’ After
Trump Fails to Show for Deposition

By Rebecca Beitsch (November 14 2022) The Hill

Rich Nations Stick to Coal Phase-Out Plans as
China Builds New Projects

By Susanna Twidale (November 14 2022) Reuters

New Zealand Targets Cow Burps to Help
Reduce Global Warming

By NICK PERRY (November 13 2022) AP

Pence to Muir: Trump's Words on 1/6 'Endangered Me
and My Family and Everyone at the Capitol'

By TAL AXELROD (November 13 2022) ABC News

Survivors Say Putin’s Private Army Filmed
_ex Assault Victims Stripped _aked

By Philip Obaji Jr. (November 13 2022) Daily Beast

Sledgehammer Execution of Russian Mercenary
Who Defected to Ukraine Shown on Video

By Guy Faulconbridge (November 13 2022) Reuters

United Nations Climate Change Cop27
6 Nov - 18 Nov 2022

The Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit

Exclusive: US, EU Plan New Pledge Targeting
Oil and Gas Methane Emissions - Document

By Kate Abnett and Valerie Volcovici
(November 9 2022) Reuters

Iran Votes to Execute Protesters, Says Rebels Need
'Hard Lesson'

By Thomas Kika (November 8 2022) NewsWeek

Nancy Pelosi Discusses the Trauma of the Attack
On Her Husband While Trump Calls To 'End Crazy
Nancy Pelosi's Career Once And For All'

By Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert
(November 7 2022) Business Insider

After Years of Trump-Russia Denials,
Putin’s Enforcer Admits Election Interference

By Barbie Latza Nadeau (November 7 2022) DailyBeast

Gas Flaring: What Is It and Why Is It A Problem?
By No Author (2022) BBC

Police Take Control of Haiti Fuel Terminal
By No Author (November 4 2022) BBC

Details Emerge In Paul Pelosi Attack:
A Break-in, Conversation, 911 Call, Then Violence

By Bart Jansen, (November 4 2022) USA Today

Americans Move to Mexico at Record Pace
as Remote Work Beckons

By 26 Jose Orozco and Rafael Gayol
(November 4 2022) Bloomberg

UN Votes Overwhelmingly To Condemn US Embargo of Cuba
By EDITH M. LEDERER, (November 3 2022) Associated Press

Haiti Police Confront Gangs Near Blocked
Fuel Terminal, Sources Say

By Harold Isaac and Brian Ellsworth
(November 3 2022) Reuters

How Russian Soldiers Ran A 'Cleansing' Operation In Bucha
By ERIKA KINETZ (November 3 2022) Associated Press

Drillers Ask U.S. To Exempt Smallest Wells From
Looming Methane Rule

By Valerie Volcovici and Nichola Groom
(November 2 2022) Reuters

Kim Jong Un Inches Closer to All-Out War
Than Ever Before

By Donald Kirk (November2 2022) DailyBeast

'Simply Being a Christian is Enough to Get you Arrested'
in Iran: British Government Report

By Benjamin Weinthal (October 31 2022) Fox News

Who Funded Trump’s Truth Social? Some Answers
By Helen Coster and Krystal Hu
(October 28 2022) Reuters

U.S. To Scrap Sea-Launched Nuclear Missile
Despite Military Backing

By Idrees Ali and Phil Stewart
(October 27 2022) Reuters

First Comes the Sub-Zero Gas Prices,
Then the Flaring in Texas

By Sergio Chapa (October 26 2022) Bloomberg

More Than Peace on the Table in Ethiopian Talks
By No Author (October 25 2022) Christian Science Monitor

The Crisis in Haiti, Explained
By Justin Klawans (October 25 2022) The Week

Russian Billionaire Behind Mercenary Army in Ukraine
Confronted Putin About Botching the War, Report Says

By Sophia Ankel (October 25 2022) Business Insider


image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

(advocate for this cause)
Motorists - Tired Of Huffing Gas At The Pump?
Gasoline and convenience stores have been using fake boots.
A fake boot is a flat round piece of rubber that's------
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(advocate for this cause)
The Israel/Palestine/Nazareth Conflict
Christians are just tolerated not equal.
Christians are ......
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(advocate for this cause)
The Mexican Immigration Crisis
The Mexican immigration has helped America, especially in its race war.
It's not just black or white anymore. They have replaced -------
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(advocate for this cause)
warning adult subject - rated PG
The Most Innovative and High-Tech Condom
You don't need a condom - you need a kit. This is what....
read the rest of article





High Crime in the City
There are so many convicted felons in Chicago or high crime cities that you
can't put them all in jail. You must concentrate on crime prevention. Don't give the crime a chance to happen in
the first place. Have you ever seen a police car covered in cameras used by traffic cops that also reads license plates.
If their Neiborhood is high crime, then you park camera cars in their Neiborhood's and corners of streets
or traffic lights. The higher the crime the more cameras are needed. You want these cameras visible or easy to see.
If they fail to report crime, then they have to "lose their right to privacy" and must also except
facial imaging. These camera cars or street cameras will cut down on crime knowing they're on camera.
If crime goes down, you can remove the cameras and they get their privacy back. Being on camera might make
the elderly feel safer.

Kick Butts - Cigarette Butts
Cigarette butts are the most littered product in the world. Their made of thousands of strands of plastic called,
cellulose acetate not fiberglass or cotton. Containing over 100 chemicals including lead and arsenic,
1 cigarette butt can pollute 250 gallons of water. Firemen hate cigarette butts. Trillions of cigarette butts end up
littering the earth every year. They are found in the stomachs of land and sea animals. There was a local drive
to get all store owners in the city to have ashtrays outside and it worked for a few months then they all disappeared.
Some smokers don't think butts are litter. The problem? They do not sell portable or pocket ashtrays
in the tobacco section of all stores leaving a smoker with no choice but to throw them down everywhere they go.
It should be mandatory that all stores that sell tobacco, sell portable or pocket ashtrays in plain view
in the tobacco section. Once someone starts using one and when they don't have their portable ashtray with them,
they start to get conscious of throwing down cigarette's butts. These portable or pocket ashtrays are
available in different sizes and shapes. It should be mandatory that all smokers carry one if they smoke
and if they are stopped by law enforcement with a cigarette in their hand, they can fine them
for not having a extinguisher device or portable ashtray but only if their stopped for another reason.
(Click this link to see samples of pocket ashtrays.)
(This is not an ad for amazon)

Cigarette manufacturers can encourage smokers to carry pocket or portable ashtrays and
they can make it a campaign even if we have to force cigarette manufacturers to participate

Please Support Mandatory Insurance on All Assault Rifles
There should be a 6-month waiting list
to buy assault rifles to eliminate impulse buying. That will give time for
someone who needs anger management time to cool down. It will also give time for background checks.
Another factor is insurance. You might have to pay a yearly fee. for liability insurance because the gun
is so dangerous, and accidents might not be covered by your homeowner insurance. Basically, the assault rifle
should have to be licensed and insured. You can have an age minimum, but no one wants to go 21 years of age to purchase.
Why not compromise and make the limit 20 years of age to buy the assault rifle. That way the buyer
won't be a teenager anymore " eighteen and nineteen ". and would be out of school for 2 years plus it would
still take 6 months to purchase the gun so that brings it to being out of school for 2 and a half years before
they can legally obtain an assault rifle. 18 19 -year-olds might have to be exempt if they're in the military.
But if they are in the military, they obviously have gun safety training. Another factor in military type
assault weapons is the cartridges. There are cartridges from 7 shot up to a 100-shot magazine and that's
just for handguns. Some say it's not the gun but the cartridge that makes the gun dangerous. It would be hard to
regulate all these cartridges. You might be able to ban a 100-round cartridge in your state.
Most semi-automatics come with standard 7 to 15 shot magazines. There's a lot of people incarcerated that wish
they never bought a gun. If you have a bad attitude do yourself a favor and don't buy a gun.
No major athletes or stars have publicly spoken out about school shootings especially during the world series,
super bowl and academy awards when they have the attention of the most people and teens. Schools need to teach
students about mental health and let them know that they have guidance counselors available.
If they think they will hurt themselves or others, they must realize that if their thinking gets that distorted
it's time to go to the emergency room and seek emergency mental health treatment at their local hospital.
Please Contact Your State Legislators and Demand That All Assault Rifles Be Insured
Because Of Accidents and If Someone Gets Hurt by the Gun.
Please Support Mandatory Gun Insurance.
If They Stop Paying Insurance on the Gun It Can Be Confiscated.

Why You Must Support the Free Public-School Lunch Bill
for All Students if You Support the Recreational Pot Bill.

These 2 bills must go together. Please don't support bill for legal pot unless you support free lunches in
public schools for all students. It's a hassle coming up with lunch money for kids every day for parents.
They might take it out on the kids. Medical pot has ruined it for recreational legal pot. Because medical pot
is only allowed to sell mid-grade or low-grade pot. It cost almost twice the street price. Mid-grade sells for
$45-$50 a quarter ounce on the street. The same pot, medical, is now $90 to $100 a quarter and this is low grade.
That's why we wanted legal pot in the first place so we could get the high-grade pot that is grown in the United States.
$100 a quarter. Medical pot mostly sells cartridges for vapor pins that sell up to $100 a gram.
You can easily use a whole cartridge a day or more. This is one product that the government should want to keep
the price as low as possible for consumers. This money is going to go up in smoke. Now the unsold medical pot
is hitting the streets and flooding it with medical or low-grade pot. It's a rip off. The point is that
whether its medical or recreational pot is that it's expensive. You could spend a fortune for either one.
First you get off work on Friday night.
Buy a pack of cigarettes. Pick up a six pack of beer and buy lottery tickets. And now on top of that
you purchase this low grade but expensive pot which cost more than the first 3 combined. It will put kids in a
whole new level of poverty. That's why if you support a medical or recreational pot bill, you must support free lunches
in all public schools for all students, teachers and staff. If students get money now, they can spend what little they have
and buy personal hygiene products. The free lunch for all students in public school's bill must go with the
medical or recreational pot bill.

Please support our "Please Ask the Taliban What Do They Have Against _agina " Campaign.
Please help send this to Afghanistan newspapers and websites
"Taliban now means men who love other men"

We Need Self-Charging Cars Not Self-Driving. Where's The Alternator?
Alternators can supply electric cars with plenty of
power especially if you have them hooked to the rear dummy axle
that has no driveshaft or transmission hooked to it. We have the technology we just need to get citizens to
bring this up to major news networks and get the public sold on them. Self-charging cars would give us a freedom
we never had before. Go anywhere we want and travel more. Cars can be completely self-charging with
modern technology. I know how to make a rechargeable car, why can't they? Let's concentrate on self-charging cars
not self-driving cars. It can be done, and this is a wake-up call to people in the alternator business.
Alternators can decrease the number of batteries needed in electric cars or increase mileage. If we can spend
billions on self-driving technology, we can spend billions on the self-charging industry.

District of Columbia (D.C.) Is Our Capitol Not a State. (U.S.)
It is a very special place. You might even say it’s the capital of the world. You want to make it a state?
If DC is our capitol, then it makes it federal property and all government workers should get federal pay
including teachers. If a state, they will lose their federal pay status. Federal pay meaning there is
county wages, state wages and federal wages meaning they are paid more. All 50 states should financially
support their capitol and help pay for the increase in wages. You can slowly increase wages by the month
and receive full wages after one year. They should not get back pay. Please don’t harm our capitol.
50 States to Keep One Land Free - District of Columbia - Land of The Immigrants - DC has representation
Represent or Resign. We need new talent. Born in D.C.
Please Save Our Capitol

Forgiving Student Loan Debt
With the thought of student loan debt being forgiven, the first things that come to mind is that this
is a children's rights issue. This money belongs to every 1st grader to the 12th grade (1.6 trillion).
This money is for their college education. Instead of forgiving the debt, you can suspend interest rates
indefinitely for 3 years then slowly reinstate interest rates. You can also offer early payoff deals
maybe knocking off 15% if they completely pay off the loan. Because of the pandemic, borrowers are late
on their payments. If we eliminate interest, you can also give a refund of up to 1 to 3 years' worth of
interest back. This money can be spent on their student loan back payments or if they get complete
amnesty from payments during the pandemic, they can use the money to pay off other debt's. Having a
no interest loan will encourage more citizens to go to a college or university.

Get Kids Off the Donor Program by Putting Them On
We need mandatory organ donors from birth to 28 years old to get kids off the donor waiting list.
The only way to make the system fair is if its mandatory. Do people really care if they take their liver, heart or other?
Is it really that big a deal? Instead of checking the organ donor on your license, you should check it if you
want off. Kids don't have DMV donor cards. If you are 0 to 28 there is no waiting list that's the benefit,
If you are over 28 and don't sign the donor card, they will not be eligible to receive one. You should be
signed up to receive donor only if they are on the donor sign up for 3 years or more. Hospitals
don't want people to die in their hospital and quickly send them to hospice but if their a donor that's the worst thing
they can do. These would be donors now must die in a hospice at the actual hospital to get their organs so this
would change everything. People must donate to the hospital run hospice and make them so nice that patients
would prefer to die there than at home. The in-house hospice would be for donors only.
Get kids off the waiting lists for organs.
If they pass this Bill, they can call it the "Life Forward Bill" or the "Party on Bill"

How the Economy Went Bad After Hurricane Katrina Using The 15% Rule
O.K. Home prices were out of control before H.K. then comes H.K. the price of plywood skyrocketed.
In fact the price of a lumber package rose 15% so insurance companies paid 15% more to rebuild the homes.
Because of the rise of a lumber package (15%) homes are valued 15% more so people who bought homes after H.K.
paid 15% more. Because home values rose 15% after H.K. some borrowed 15% or maxed out their mortgage. One year
after hurricane Katrina the demand for plywood went back to normal and the price of a lumber package dropped 15%.
Those who bought a home during this one-year period now have a house that is worth 15% less. Those who refinanced
their home during this year and their house is now worth 15% less and now owe more than their house is worth.
When the bottom fell out of the price of a lumber package one year after H.K. the price of homes in the U.S.
dropped 15% and this caused a recession. The question is should we stockpile plywood for emergencies,
relook how we deal with disasters, or look into price gouging (lumber package) after big disasters.
Keep in mind lumber companies may have to pay overtime to workers during high demand. Florida was hardest hit
because a lot of condos were built for vacationers and have mobile home quality cabinets and furnishings and bring
low bids at auctions. These condos are not suitable for homeowners who had nice homes and want to retire in.

Please Support No Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Buddha, Hindu or All Black / White States
No Dividing the World by Religious Beliefs or Skin Color

Al-Qaida - Taliban - Hamas - Hezbollah - IS - Extremists - Boko Haram
"Just Ordinary Street Gangs" of Larcenists, Arsonists, Vandals and Sex offenders In Unpoliced States
They have visited wealthy countries and when they go back to impoverished countries, they quickly learn
how easy it is taking advantage of citizens living in poverty
Using private citizens to fight wars have started a new trend (Killer Vacations)
Just jump on a plane, join a war/side, go on a two-week shooting spree,
answer to no one then get back on a plane, get back to their country and go back to work
(Killer Vacations)

Five Million Or Five Trillion
International Death Warrant Issued - Five Million Dollars Bounty - Vladimir Putin - For Crimes Against Humanity
Extortion - Genocide In Syria - Threatening Nuclear Annihilation For Financial Gain And Notoriety
The United Nations Have All Agreed To Pay For A Assassin (contact United Nations)
We are still paying for the Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan and its aftermath or
Muslim Extremism

Communist President Xi Jinping Being Considered For A Death Warrant
For Banning Free Elections - Child Slavery - Human Rights Violations
Terrorizing Free Democracies For Financial Gain And Notoriety
(contact United Nations)

Its Official : Palestinian Gaza Now A Seaport In Israel

No Statehood for A City of Felons
The international community demands that Israel take responsibility for national
security and demand that the dangerous nonexistent government of the Palestinian seaport of Gaza be declared
a city in Israel. Enough is enough. No more child soldiers. This would be government is too dangerous
to exist and just can't be in this century. The international community also demands that the government
of Egypt receive a war chest of 8.5 billion plus 3.5 billion in economic aid from the U.S. and its allies if they accept
our decision that will happen anyways and that a additional 2.5 billion be put aside for settlements
with the Palestinian Egyptian refugees and 70 million be put aside for a legal team , consultants
and panel to decide who gets a settlement, how it is given and what form it will be distributed . If the citizen
is in controversy, then their settlement will go to schools or programs that benefit their neighborhoods.
Egypt should not have to accept Israel as a Jewish state, just plain "Israel". International communities must understand
that this conflict is not about faith or skin color it is about the Palestinians denying Jewish immigrants
and citizens the right to own property and wealth and young Palestinians have very little to do about this decision
their government made decades earlier - The government of Israel must open up social services and offer services to its
citizens in the seaport of Gaza. If the Palestinians refuse to recognize they live in Israel their property
might be confiscated and then be sold, but if they recognize they live in Israel and pay taxes to the Israel treasury
they must let non-controversial Palestinians live in or move back into what is now Israel and keep their property.
It must be recognized that Israel has nuclear weapons, and they are the only responsible government in the region.
The modern map of Israel says it all. Christians, Muslims and all other faiths must realize that they had
centuries to reunite in this Holy Land but it was abandoned for centuries and let our histories be destroyed.
The Israeli's stepped up to the podium and now they must protect our ancient history and if they fail then this
government must be toppled and if the Christians rise to the occasion, then all faiths must except this government.
The Israel government is doing a great job of preserving our ancient history and we cannot let it be
destroyed for the centuries unborn.
There is no going forward and there is no turning back.
No Statehood for a City of Felons
Its Official: The city of Palestine and the seaport of Gaza are now in Israel.

Favorite Quotes

" Ending Race Narcissism Is Key to Peace in the Middle East and the World " (Editor)

" A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Dream " (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

" It’s Better to Make the Poor Richer Than to Make the Rich Poorer " Caroline Baum (MW)

"Climate Change Must Start At The Factory And Business Not Rain Forests" (Editor)

"Gynophobia is defined as an intense and irrational fear of women or hatred of women,
it may be characterized as a form of specific phobias, which involves a fear that is centered on a
specific trigger or situation, which in the case of gynophobia is women." (Sania Farooqui)

"Voyeurism charges mean the act of taking a picture or video _exual in nature
without knowledge or permission of the victim and is illegal in most states and countries" (Editor)

"You can tear me apart, rip me to peices, try breaking me down, but I'll never be beaten"
(Unkown Fredericksburg teenager - anti abuse campaign)

Janes Defense News

Defense Tech

United Nations News Center

Transparency International - Government Corruption


Defense One

US Citizenship And Immigration Services

United Nations Refugee Agency

United Nations

Inter Press Service - News Agency

Help Afghan Refugees


Who Are the Men Now Ruling China?
Meet the Members of Xi Jinping's Powerful
Politburo Standing Committee

By No Author (October 24 2022)

Israel Destroys Iranian Drone Manufacturing Plant in Syria
By Daniel Stewart (October 23 2022) News 360

Former Trump Organization CFO Expected To Be
Star Witness In Company's Tax Fraud Trial

By Mary Papenfuss (October 22 2022) HuffPost

Iran Protests Trigger Solidarity Rallies in US, Europe
(October 22 2022) Associated Press

East Africa Hunger Crisis Likely to Lead to 1 Death
Every 36 Seconds, Oxfam Warns

By Marquise Francis (October 20 2022) Yahoo

'It Was Horror': Liberated Ukrainians Share Tales of Occupation
By Carlotta Gall and Ivor Prickett (October 21 2022) New York Times

US: Iranian Troops in Crimea Backing Russian Drone Strikes
By AAMER MADHANI and ZEKE MILLER (October 20 2022) AP

Family: Saudis Sentence US Citizen to 16 Years Over Tweets
By No Author (October 18 2022) Associated Press

Somalia Can't "Wait for Famine to be Declared,
Or It Will Be Too Late"

By Sarah Carter (October 17 2022) CBS News

Haiti Gang Makes Demands in Test of Power With Government
By Dánica Coto (October 14 2022) AP

Pakistan: Why Swat Locals Are Angry With Both the
Military and the Taliban

By S. Khan (October 14 2022) Deutsche Welle

China’s Communist Party Congress:
Everything You Need To Know

By Helen Davidson (October 14 2022) the Guardian

EXPLAINER: Who is Leading the Crackdown
on Iran's Protests?

By JOSEPH KRAUSS (October 13 2022) AP

What Are Tactical Nuclear Weapons and
How Might Putin Use Them?

By Eleanor Watson (October 11 2022) CBS News

Exclusive-Lebanon Satisfied With Final Draft
of Israel Maritime Border Deal -Top Lebanese Negotiator

By Timour Azhari (October 10 2022) Reuters

Trump Believed the Classified Documents Stashed at
Mar-a-Lago Were His 'Get Out of Jail Free Card,' Says Michael Cohen

By Joshua Zitser (October 9 2022) Insider

Taiwan Signals Its Chip Firms Will Follow New
U.S. Rules on China

By Ben Blanchard (October 8 2022) Reuters

Zaporizhzhia Plant Down to Diesel Generators as
Shelling Cuts Power Essential for Cooling

By No Author (October 8 2022) Reuters

Hong Kong Authorities Sentence Five Teenagers
to Three Years of Probation for Protesting Against Beijing

By Daniel Stewart (October 8 2022) News 360

U.S. Kills 3 Islamic State Leaders in 2 Syria Operations
By LOLITA C. BALDOR (October 6 2022) Los Angeles Times

Iranian Schoolgirls Are Removing Their Hijabs,
Shouting 'Death to the Dictator' and Raising Their Middle Fingers
at the Country's Leaders

By Jake Epstein (October 5 2022) Business Insider

The Chinese Communist Party Congress That
Could Make Xi President for Life, Explained

By Peter Weber (October 4 2022) The Week

Russia Smuggling Ukrainian Grain to
Help Pay for Putin's War

(October 3 2022) AP

Iran's Gen Z is Fed up. The Protests Aren't
Just About Hijab, They're About Regime Change.

By Neda Bolourchi (October 1 2022) USA Today

Ukraine Submits Application to Join NATO
By Andrew E. Kramer and Dan Bilefsky
(September 30 2022) New York Times

Russia Blows Up Gas Pipelines, Declaring an
All-Out Energy War It May Already Have Lost

By Suriya Jayanti (September 29 2022) Time

Iran Warns the West Over Support for Protesters
As International Backlash Grows

By Rhoda Kwan (September 26 2022) NBC

How Chinese Celebrities Are Amplifying Official Policy On Taiwan,
Pushing 'One China' Messages To Millions of Fans Online

By Dan Chen (September 26 2022) Conversation

Russia Steps Up Attacks With Iranian Drones,
Ukraine Plans Defenses - Officials

By Max Hunder and Tom Balmforth (September 26 2022) Reuters

China Using Civilian Ships to Enhance Navy Capability, Reach
By DAVID RISING (September 24 2022) AP

War Crimes Have Been Committed in Ukraine,
U.N. Experts Say

By Nick Cumming-Bruce (September 23 2022) New York Times

Putin's Order for 300,000 Fighters Drives
Russians to the Streets in Protest

By No Author (September 22 2022) Bloomberg

Trump’s Legal Bills Are Being Footed By His Donors
By Michael Isikoff (September 21 2022) Yahoo

Photos Show the Queen's Coffin Being Lowered Into the
Royal Vault at St George's Chapel

By Armani Syed (September 19 2022) Insider

Joe Biden to 'Take Over' Queen's Funeral With Huge Security Detail
Including 400 Secret Service Agents and Helicopter Convoy

By Josh Bolton (September 15 2022) My London

Biden Says Hate-Fueled Violence
‘Cannot be the Story of Our Time’

By Cleve R. Wootson Jr. (September 15 2022) Washington Post

Trump’s Save America Paid $3 Million to Cover
Top Lawyer’s Legal Work

By BETSY WOODRUFF SWAN (September 15 2022) Politico

Trump Warns of 'Problems' Like 'We've Never Seen'
if he's indicted

By Myah Ward (September 15 2022) Politico

China Says it Will Work With Russia to
Create New International Order

By Michael Lee (September 14 2022) Fox News

Trump Insisted He Would Stay in White House
After Loss: Book

By Zach Schonfeld (September 12 2022) The Hill

Putin Allies Are Starting to Complain Publicly
That his Ukraine War Isn't Going Well

By Peter Weber (September 12 2022) The Week

Xi to Meet Putin in First Trip Outside
China Since COVID Began

By Guy Faulconbridge and Yew Lun Tian
(September 11 2022) Reuters

Visa, Mastercard, AmEx to Start Categorizing
Gun Shop Sales

By Ken Sweet (September 10 2022) AP

Russia Transfers 1,300 Kadyrov Soldiers to the
Kherson region General Staff Report

By Ramzan Kadyrov (September 10 2022) Ukrayinska Pravda

'Astounding': Trump Documents Reveal Casual
Disregard for Long-Standing Security Protocols

By Kevin Johnson (September 10 2022) USA Today

Bannon Indictment Reveals Damning Texts on
‘Build the Wall’ Scheme

By Jose Pagliery (September 8 2022) DailyBeast

Analysis-Kim Jong Un's 'Decapitation' Fears
Shine Through in New N.Korea Nuclear Law

By Josh Smith (September 9 2022) Reuters

Ukraine Energy Chief: Russia Trying to
'Steal' Nuclear Plant

By HANNA ARHIROVA, (September 8 2022) AP

Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96,
Buckingham Palace Announces

By Niamh Cavanagh (September 8 2022) Yahoo

Councillors in Putin's Home City Call for Him to Face Treason
Charges Over the War in Ukraine

By Will Stewart (September 8 2022) Daily Mail

US: Hundreds of Thousands of Ukrainians Forced to Russia
BY EDITH M. LEDERER (September 7 2022) AP

Jailed Navalny's Situation is Getting Dangerous - Ally
By Andrius Sytas (September 6 2022) Reuters

UN Inspectors Find Damage to Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia Buildings
Housing 'Fresh' Nuclear Fuel, Radioactive Waste

By Caitlin McFall (September 6 2022) Fox News

Liz Truss Beats Rishi Sunak to Become Next Prime Minister
Here's What She's Pledged to Do

By Kate Buck (September 5 2022) Yahoo

Military Reserves, Civil Defense Worry Taiwan
as China Looms

By HUIZHONG WU (September 4 2022) AP

Trump Floats 'Full Pardons' for Jan. 6 Rioters
While Biden Emphasizes 'Rule of Law'

By David Knowles (September 2 2022) Yahoo

Exclusive-Scientists Detect Second 'Vast' Methane Leak
at Pemex Oil Field in Mexico

By Stefanie Eschenbacher (September 2 2022) Reuters

For the Second Time in a Month,
Saudi Arabia Has Sentenced a Woman to Decades in Prison
Over Her Tweets: Rights Group

By Katie Anthony (August 31 2022) Insider

Opinion: Does the Anti-Taliban Resistance Stand a Chance?
By Peter Bergen (August 30 2022) CNN

Mikhail Gorbachev, Reformist Soviet Leader, Is Dead at 91
By Marilyn Berger , Anton Troianovski and Ivan Nechepurenko
(August 30 2022) New York Times

One-Third of Pakistan is Underwater,
More Than 1,000 Dead. And the Rain Keeps Coming

By Aspen Pflughoeft (August 29 2022) Miami Harold

Turkish Pop Star Gulsen Jailed Over Joke About
Religious Schools

By No Author (August 27 2022) A.P.

At $249 Per Day, Prison Stays Leave Ex-Inmates
Deep In Debt

By PAT EATON-ROBB (August 27 2022) A.P.

What's Happening at Zaporizhzhia?
Inside the Standoff at Ukraine's Largest Nuclear Plant

By Niamh Cavanagh (August 24 2022) Yahoo

Russia Announces the "Adoption" of Thousands
of Children Deported From Mariupol

By Diana Krechetova (August 23 2022) Ukrainska Pravda

Taiwan Saw Off China Before and Retains Resolve
to Defend Itself, President Says

By Ben Blanchard and Sarah Wu (August 22 2022) Reuters

Trump Had 300 Classified Documents At Mar-A-Lago,
Called Boxes ‘Mine’: Report

By Nick Visser (August 22 2022) HuffPost

Somali Forces End Hotel Attack That Left 21 Dead, 117 Hurt
By OMAR FARUK (August 21 2022) AP

Here Are the Notable Investigations, Lawsuits
Donald Trump is Dealing With

By No Author (August 20 2022) ABC News

North Korea Dismisses Seoul's Aid-For-Disarmament Offer
By KIM TONG-HYUNG (August 18 2022) AP

Ukraine Latest: Erdogan Says Lviv Talks Focus on
How to End War

By No Author (August 18 2022) Bloomberg

'Don't Forget About Us,' Afghan Women Say,
1 Year After Taliban's Return To Power

By JAMIE DORRINGTON (August 14 2022) GMA

Russia Now Controls At Least $12.4 Trillion Worth Of
Ukraine's Energy, Metal And Mineral Deposits, Report Says

By Brian Evans (August 11 2022) Business Insider

Methane Emissions from U.S. Shallow Offshore Platforms
Exceed Those On Land, Study Finds

By Nichola Groom; Editing by Marguerita Choy (August 11 2022) Reuters

Satellite Data Find Landfills Are Methane 'Super Emitters'
By SIBI ARASU (August 11 2022) L.A. Times

Trump Could Be Charged With Violating The Espionage Act,
Former DOJ National Security Chief Says

By Michael Isikoff (August 9 2022) Yahoo

Russia, Ukraine Open To IAEA Visit After
‘Suicidal’ Nuclear Plant Strike

By Karina Tsui (August 8 2022) Washington Post

China Announces New Military Drills Near Taiwan as Tensions Rise
By Tiffany May and Mike Ives (August 8 2022) New York Times

Paltry U.S. Minimum Wage 'Really Striking' Amid Inflation
By Dani Romero (August 6 2022) Yahoo

Russia-Ukraine War By The Numbers: Live Tracker
(scroll down)

By Staff (August 6 2022) Aljazeera

Seoul Finalizes Bold Offer To North Korea In Exchange
For Abandoning Its Nuclear Program

By No Author (July 23 2022) 360 News

Russia, Ukraine Clear Way for Grain Exports to Resume
By Jared Malsin (July 22) WSJ

NATO Ally Erdogan Accuses United States Of
Training Terrorists To Attack Turkey

By Joel Gehrke (July 20 2022) Washington Examiner

Saudi Arabia More Than Doubled Russian Oil Imports In The
Second Quarter, Freeing Up Their Own Crude For Export

By Brian Evans (July 15 2022) Insider

Four Companies Are Top Sources Of US Greenhouse Gas,
Methane Emissions: Report

By Zack Budryk (July 14 2022) The Hill

U.S. Calls On Russia To Stop 'Filtration' Camps,
Forced Deportations Of Ukrainians

By CHRISTOPHER MILLER (July 13 2022) Politico

Bill Gates to Send Foundation $20 Billion as It Ramps Up Giving
By Sophie Alexander (July 13 2022) Bloomberg

A Surgeon Explains Why AR-15-Style Rifles Are So Deadly
By Nicole Karlis (July 12 2022) Salon

Satellites Spot Construction of Russian Anti-Satellite
Laser Facility: Report

By Brett Tingley (July 8 2022) Space

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Shot Dead
By Jessie Yeung, Rhea Mogul, Helen Regan, Rob Picheta, Amy Woodyatt,
Ed Upright, Aditi Sangal, Adrienne Vogt and Elise Hammond,
(July 8 2022) CNN

Russia-Ukraine War By The Numbers: Live Tracker
By Staff (July 6 2022) Al Jazeera

FBI Director Wray, MI5 Chief Raise Alarm Over China Spying
By Evan Perez (July 6 2022) CNN

Japan Has Almost Completely Eliminated Gun Deaths
Here's How

By Chris Weller,Erin Snodgrass (July 5 2022) AP

IRGC Official Behind Iranian Air Defense Deployment In Syria Revealed
By TZVI JOFFRE (July 4 2022) Jerusalem Post

About Half Say Trump Should Be Charged For 1/6: AP-NORC Poll

In Blow to Putin, Turkey Won’t Bar Sweden and Finland From NATO
By No Author (June 28 2022) New York Times

Trudeau: US Abortion Ruling Could Mean Loss Of Other Rights
By ROB GILLIES (June 25 2022) Associated Press

Iraq’s Miracle: A Country That No Longer Needs A Leader
Or Gov't - Analysis

By SETH J. FRANTZMAN (June 21 2022) Jerusalem Post

Gustavo Petro, Former Guerrilla, Will Be Colombia’s
First Leftist President

By Samantha Schmidt (June 19 2022) Washington Post

Trump Pushed ‘Big Lie’ Despite Being Told Election
Fraud Claims Were False, Aides Testify

By Amy B Wang, John Wagner, Eugene Scott and Mariana Alfaro
(June 13 2022) Washington Post

Russia-Ukraine Live News:
Kyiv ‘controls half of Severodontesk’

By Kevin Doyle, Zaheena Rasheed, Hamza Mohamed and Umut Uras
(June 4 2022) Aljazeera

White House Says Coronavirus Shots For Kids Under 5
Could Begin June 21

By Carolyn Y. Johnson (June 2 2022) Washington Post

Israeli Prime Minister: Laser Air Defense To Cost
$2 Per Missile Interception

By Christopher Hutton (June 1 2022) Washinton Examiner

Iraq In Political Deadlock As It Grapples With Democracy
By Cathrin Schaer (May 31 2022) Deutsche Welle

How The ‘Merchant Of Death’ Could Complicate
Brittney Griner’s Return

By Jeff Eisenberg (May 31 2022) Yahoo

Watchdog: Iran Uranium Stockpile 18 Times More
Than 2015 Deal Limit

By Brad Dress (May 31 2022) The Hill

How The U.S. Has Struggled To Stop The Growth Of A
Shadowy Russian Private Army

By Joaquin Sapien (May 30 2022) Salon

Erdogan: Turkey's Syria Operation Could Happen 'Suddenly'
By ZEYNEP BILGINSOY (May 29 2022) A. P.

UN experts: Libya's Security Threatened By Foreign Fighters
By EDITH M. LEDERER (May 28 2022) A.P.

Ukraine's Richest Man Plans To Sue Russia For Huge Losses
By Natalia Zinets (May 26 2022) Reuters

Fears Of A Chinese Invasion Have Taiwanese Civilians
Taking Up Target Practice

By STEPHANIE YANG (May 26 2022) Los Angeles Times

U.S. Intelligence Document Shows Russian
Naval Blockade of Ukraine

By Shane Harris (May 24 2022) Washington Post

Fiona Hill Says Putin Got 'Frustrated Many Times'
With Trump Because The Russian Leader 'Had To Keep
Explaining Things' To Him

By John Haltiwanger (May 18 2022) Business Insider

Why Is Turkey Causing Problems For
Finland And Sweden's Plans To Join NATO?

By Jomana Karadsheh and Isil Sariyuce (May 18 2022) CNN

Libya Capital Rocked By Deadly Battle
As Rival PM Vies For Power

By No Author (May 16 2022) AFP

Intelligence Reveals The Number Of Kadyrov Militants
Fighting In Ukraine

By No Author (May 15 2022) Ukrayinska Pravda

Journalists Identify Russian Soldier Who Bragged To His
Wife About Killing Civilians

By No Author (May 14 2022) New Voice of Ukraine

The Feds Are Now Investigating Whether Trump
Tampered With Classified Documents

By Ryan Bort (May 12, 2022) Rolling Stone

Leader Of P---- Riot Escapes Russia:
‘Putin doesn’t scare me. He’s a nobody

By Laura Fernández (May 11 2022) El Pais


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