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SSI (supplemental security income) is a federal program
funded by tax dollars, not Social Security taxes.

Social Security Administration Home

SS What You Need To Know When You Get
Retirement Or Survivors Benefits (online booklet)

Understanding Supplemental Security Income SSI Home Page
income - how much can I make?

EBT Food Stamps


IRS Announces New Tax Brackets for 2024.
What Does That Mean for you?

By Mary Walrath-Holdridge (November 10, 2023) USA Today

Hundreds of Thousands Have Lost Medicaid Coverage
Since Pandemic Protections Expired

By Noah Weiland (May 26, 2023) New York Times

You Can't Hide Side Hustles From the IRS Anymore
Here's What Taxpayers Need to Know About
Reporting Online Payments for Gig Work

By Erica Neuman (April 4, 2023) Conversation

IRS Tax Audits ĎTarget and Burden
Lower-Income Families,í Say Tax Experts

By Rebecca Chen (March 12, 2023) Yahoo

Lawmakers Unveil Plan to Keep Americans From
Claiming Social Security Too Early

By Ben Werschkul (March 6, 2023) Yahoo

Social Security: What Happens If I
Donít Have 40 Credits?

By John Csiszar (March 4, 2023) GoBankingRates

What Does FICA Stand for? Here's How Much You
Contribute to Federal Payroll Taxes.

By Clare Mulroy (March 2, 2023) USA Today

Millions Who Rely on Medicaid May Be Booted From Program
By AMANDA SEITZ (February 26, 2023) AP

Millions of Debt Collections Dropped Off
Americans' Credit Reports

By Gabriella Cruz-Martinez (February 18, 2023) Yahoo

IRS Targeted Poorest Taxpayers While Millionaires Went
Mostly Unscathed in 2022: Report

By Peter Aitken (January 7, 2023) Fox News

Joe Biden Wants to Change Social Security: Will the New
Congress Help With Reform Efforts?

By Sean Williams (January 7, 2023) Motley Fool

All the States That Donít Tax Social Security
By Jordan Rosenfeld (January 2, 2023) GoBankingRates

The IRS Says Its 87,000 New Hires Could Help Collect As
Much As $1 trillion By Forcing Rich Tax Cheats To Pay Up ó
But Will More 'Fire-Breathing Dragons' Really Do the Trick?

By Serah Louis (December 22, 2022) Moneywise

Paltry U.S. Minimum Wage 'Really Striking' Amid Inflation
By Dani Romero (August 6 2022) Yahoo

3 Main Reasons Why the Government Denies
Social Security Disability Benefits

By Steven Perrigo (July 16 2022) Kiplinger

US Postal Service Raises Prices: how much do stamps cost
starting today, 10 July?

By William Allen (July 10 2022) A.S.

Senate Democrats Agree To Close Tax Loophole For Rich
To Save Medicare From Bankruptcy

By Sommer Brokaw (July 7 2022) UPI

Food Stamps: What Is the Most Money You Can
Make to Qualify?

By Andrew Lisa (July 1, 2022) GBR

Tax The Rich: Dropping the Taxable Earnings Base
Just Might Save Social Security

By Georgina Tzanetos (February 8, 2022) Go Banking Rates

Tax Season 2022: IRS Now Accepting Tax Returns.
What to Know About Your Refund Before Filing Taxes.

By Kelly Tyko (January 25, 2022) USA Today

Liz Weston: The Mental Health Risks of Retiring
By Liz Weston (January 24, 2022) A.P.

The Social Security Retirement Age Increases in 2022
By Emily Brandon (January 24 2022) US News

What Happens If You Work While Receiving Social Security
By Rachel Hartman (January 19 1022) US News

When does COLA 2022 take effect in Social Security Benefits?
How to calculate your amount

By Graig Heilman (October 29) MSN

Will You Get What Social Security Promises?
By Liz Weston (October 2019) associated press