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The Mexican Immigration Crisis - By Brian Miner

The Mexican immigration has helped America, especially in its race war.
Its not just black or white anymore. They have replaced what's missing in our society " the American Indian"
and maybe that's why their large migration has been very welcome. They have helped our economy. But their
starting to change our national language and its not a question if we should let more into our country but if we
should close the borders and let immigrants from other countries in where slavery still exists and rape
cannot be prosecuted. Were known as the "land of the immigrants" not land of the Mexicans. If America wants to
slow down the migration they must support more anti-corruption groups , help their journalists and
police get safe houses where they and their families can go if they are threatened and still do their job.
If a crime gang threating's a policeman or to harm their family usually they mean it and have no choice but to
give in to their demands unless they can live in safe housing or temporary safe housing arranged by the government.
Mexico is running out of good and talented political candidates because of assignations. Mexico is the
weakest link on our continent as far as security goes and if we cant safely invest in their economy then
we should cut down on immigration until our investments can be protected and their military becomes transparent.

Employment Agencies Instead Of Human Traffickers

Mexico must realize that employment agencies
operating in Mexico or ones that could be operating there are losing billions because of illegal migrations.
First of all if ten million Mexicans plan to come and work in the US and they need to come thru a employment
agency they would be out of luck and better off to come illegally. There is not enough employment
agencies in Mexico to even begin to send them to employers in the US. They need three or more fortune 500
employment agencies with good reputations and large enough to handle ten million applicants a year.
Employers in the US that desperately need employees will pay $5000 for a one year contract. $5000 is the same number
the US used to fine illegal immigrants before they can become US citizens. The US feels it should charge
a fine to discourage illegal migration or cheating , its not fair that they cut in line and leave
immigrants that have been on the waiting list for years without jobs and the US drops the illegal entry charge
from a felony to a misdemeanor and that enables them to come back legally. if not for that they would have a
felony and would be barred from the US permanently. It would also take about $5000 for a employment agency in Mexico to
line up a job , verify who they are , get them a social security number , make travel arrangements
and temporary housing. $5000 x ten million is five billion. The employee must not have to except unequal pay.
After the year is up the employee might stay and maybe get offered
a raise to stay or they can go to a job of their choice and the employer must pay another
$5000 for another employee. If the employer pays all the costs this would eliminate the need for human trafficking.
Only felons would have to take the illegal route. Employment agencies in Mexico would help petition the
Mexican government to crack down on illegal border crossings realizing how much money they are losing.
It must be mandatory that all illegal immigrants arrested in the US be referred to a employment agency in Mexico
to come back legally. America should offer amnesty day where Mexicans already on the US side of the border
could sign up at designated employment agencies to identify themselves and register legally unless they
are convicted felons. They still might have to pay the hefty fine of $5000 but it wont affect their work status.
They can still apply for US citizenship . Mexicans are not taking American jobs, they are actually expanding
our workforce and economy so we can better compete with the labor force of India and China which have
populations over one billion.

"Amnesty Day - If They Pay Let The Immigrants Stay"
Social Security Is A Pay Per System And If The Immigrants Pay All Taxes
They Should Be Entitled To All Its Benefits Like Anyone Else
If They Buy Homes It Is Better For Our Economy And Everyone

"Let It Go And It Will Grow"

Mexico should consider selling its oil and utilities companies and let them trade on the exchange and get out of
running a business and instead collect hefty taxes from them and start running a government.

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