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By Brian Miner (editor)

Motorists - Tired Of Sniffing Gas Fumes At The Pump?
Gasoline stations and convenience stores have been using fake boots. A fake boot is a flat
round piece of rubber that's near the handle of the gas pump hose. A real boot is usually a black spring
like rubber boot that goes all the way down a nozzle and covers up the gas intake hole. It stops gas fumes
from escaping when your pumping gas. With out the boot, it can be harmful or intoxicating to stand there and
pump gas inhaling all these fumes. It is obvious that if you have lung problems, week stomach or
dizziness pumping gas is not a option. Some convenient store chains might have them at one of
their stores but not the other. Whether they call them fake boots or splash guards, real boots have
been out for years and theirs no excuse for not using them. These boots must become mandatory and gas stations
and convenient stores must be given a one year time limit to install these boots at all of its stores
and stations or they should be fined and
still have to immediately install them.


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