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Explained: COP26 Climate Conference And Why It Is Important
By No Author (October 16 2021) Indian Express

We Finally Know How 43 Students On A Bus Vanished Into Thin Air
By Jeremy Kryt (October 10 2021) Dailybeast

Taliban Says US Will Provide Humanitarian Aid To Afghanistan
By No Author (October 10 2021) A.P.

Large Methane Clouds Spotted Near Gas Pipelines In Iran
By Will Mathis and Arsalan Shahla (October 8 2021) Bloomberg

N.Korea's Food Situation Appears Perilous, Experts Say
By Josh Smith (October 8 2021) Reuters

Taiwan Says Peace Crucial to Chip Supply as China Pressure Grows
By Debby Wu and Argin Chang (October 4 2021) Bloomberg

List Of People Named In The Pandora Papers
(October 2021) Wikipedia

China Flies Record 56 Warplanes Toward Self-Ruled Taiwan
By Huizhong Wu (October 4 2021) A.P.

Mali's Plan For Russia Mercenaries To Replace
French Troops Unsettles Sahel

By Moses Rono (October 1 2021) BBC

Kim Yo Jong, Sister Of North Korean Leader,
Promoted To Top Ruling Body

By Yaron Steinbuch (September 30 2021) New York Post

Equality - Japan Takes Step Toward First
Female Premier As Two Women Run

By Isabel Reynolds (September 17 2021) Bloomberg

Nigerian Army Says High Profile Boko Haram Member Arrested
By CHINEDU ASADU (September 9 2021) A.P.

Afghanistan Country Profile
By no author (September 8 2021) BBC

China Chases 'Rejuvenation' With Control Of Tycoons, Society
By Joe McDonald (September 7 2021) A.P.

Wagner: Scale Of Russian Mercenary Mission In Libya Exposed
By Ilya Barabanov & Nader Ibrahim (August 10 2021) BBC

Cuba Legalizes Small And Medium Enterprises
In Boost For Private Sector

By No Author (August 7 2021) AFP

Russia And China Accused Of Posing Daily Threat From Space
By Danielle Sheridan (July 29 2021) The Telegraph

Biden: If U.S. Has 'Real Shooting War'
It Could Be Result Of Cyber Attacks

By Nandita Bose (July 27 2021) Yahoo

New Legislation Would Require Women, Like Men,
To Sign Up For Potential Draft

By Trish Turner (July 23 2021) ABC News

Authorities In Cuba Begin To Punish Young Protesters In Summary Trials
By Nora Gámez Torres (July 21 2021) Miami Herald

Roiled By Presidential Assassination, Haiti Swears In New PM
By Robenson Geffrard (June 20 2021) AFP

US Blames China For Hacks, Opening New Front In Cyber Offensive
By Kevin Liptac (July 19 2021) CNN

The Dangerous Work of Defending Religious Freedom in China
By Sam Brownback & Kori Porter (July 13 2021) National Review

Top Kremlin Mouthpiece Warns of ‘Inevitable’ War With U.S.
Over Another Ukraine Land Grab

By Julia Davis (April 13 2021) Daily Beast

Bombers, Boats, Dredgers: China's Relentless Pressure
Is Wearing Down Regional Competitors

By Dan De Luce (April 10 2021) NBC News

Colombia Will Not Rest In Fight Against Killers Of Activists, Duque Says
By Julia Symmes Cobb and Luis Jaime Acosta (March 13 2021) Reuters

UN Calls For Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops,
Mercenaries From Libya

By No Author (March 15 2021) AFP

SolarWinds Hack Was 'Largest And Most Sophisticated Attack' Ever
Microsoft President

By Brad Heath - Heather Timmons - Peter Cooney (February 14 2021) Reuters

Breaking The ‘Concrete’ Ceiling: Roz Brewer To Become
The S&P 500’s Only Black Female CEO

By Maggie Mcgrath (January 28 2021) Forbes

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