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Don Georgino Investigations


Don Georgino Investigations/Asiavest is an internationally diversified investigation firm with offices in the United States (Los Angeles, California) and South East Asia (TAIWAN AND CHINA).  The firm is an (fully owned by Asiavest) affiliate of Asiavest Investigative Services. CONTACT


Don Georgino specializes in sensitive investigations with particular emphasis on white collar crime, securities violations and Asian related crimes. Licensed in the state of California (Lic. 22032) and a member of both the World Association of Detectives and the California Association of Licensed Investigators, we provide the highest level of professional, reliable, discreet services.

Mr. Georgino is a retired police sergeant from the City of Monterey Park California, with extensive investigative experience, including more than 18 years as an investigator in Asia (primarily in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China), working in both the private and the governmental sector (primariliy for the Taiwan government).

All of the investigators speak both English and Mandarin Chinese. They specialize in Asian related investigations.  

For inquiries contact:

(702) 324-0577 or (702)227-7266 Fax: (702) 364-1055.