The DB15 Input Card / Output Card takes advantage of the DB15 connector on the V3.57 main board, and brings with it circuits to use the JS10 pin as either a logic input or a grounding output capable of sinking 3A, as well as filtering and guard circuits for the two spare ADCs on JS4 & 5, and the two often-neglected logic input pins on JS7 & 12.

While this card can certainly be used with the MS2 processor, please note that using the PE0 and PE1 logic input pins requires careful installation of small jumper wires on the MS2 daughter card. Installation of those jumpers is outside the scope of this purchase. To realize the full benefit of this card with an MS2 processor, the use of the MS2/Extra firmware is required.

The DB15 card comes with a selection of common bias resistors, to use the JS4 & 5 ADCs for thermistor input.

The DB15 I/O Card sells for $40.