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The band was formed, initially, under the name CONVOCATION by Kostas (drums), Stefanos and Jim (guitars).

After the first rehearsals Thodoris (bass) joined the band and the name changed to STARDROWNED. At the middle of 1997 Chronis (vocals) joined the group and in December of the same year the band recorded its first demo called “Creatures of Abigor” in Studio 5.

The demo had great response from the fans and the reviews from the press were satisfactory . This demo presented 3 tracks of aggressive/melodic death/black metal with a lot of atmospheric parts.

After the release of the demo the band continued rehearsing new material, in order to record a new release. A part of this work can be found in “Promo ‘99” which recorded in Underground studios. The line up of this recording was Kostas (drums), Stefanos (vocals, guitars), Jim (guitars) and Gregory (bass). This promo contains 2 tracks of more skillful epic/warish death/black metal with improved production.

Nowadays the band is working upon new staff, which will be presented in its debut album, with a new vocalist, Panagiotis, and a new bassist, Theodore, which will hopefully be released during 2000.