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            In almost all cultures, animals, insects and other creatures are used to stand for some human characteristics, behaviors, or activities. Take the "bee" for instance. It refers to hardworking people; hence the idiomatic phrase:"As busy as a bee". The same thing can be said about the fox which is used to refer to a cunning person. The lamb, on the other hand, is generally known as the most innocent creature.. All these have fables and parables as origin. Most cultures use the closest animals to them. Some animals are almost absent in Western culture, for example, because they know nothing about. These animals are not part of the northern environment of our planet hence the westerners are not used to them.

Who am I ?

Let me introduce myself first

  1. I am the embodiment of patience par excellence.
  2. I am Man's companion since the dawn of history.
  3. My journeys are the longest and the hardest ones.
  4. I can cross the desert without drinking water for days and days.
  5. I am incontestably the master of the Safari.
  6. I am omnipresent in the old Arabic literature.
  7. Poets used to compose their poems on my walking pace.
  8. I can supply people with water from my body.
  9. I can bear heat, storms, tempests and thirst.
  10. I am known as the "Sahara Ship".

Additional information:

          I have an approximately big body. You cannot compare me to an elephant or to a giraffe. I am somehow in between. In spite of my big body I'm very peaceful unless someone hurts me. Those who know me well are fit to tell you some truths about my mood. My masters are aware of the danger I can represent for their lives once I'm transgressed. My anger is to be feared. It is said that I never forget about my revenge even after long years and this is true. One of my ancestors once said,
"He who revenges himself in twenty years time is really in a hurry." Thus in addition to patience and friendliness, vengeance comes to complete my personality. WHO AM I ??!

~~ Answer ~~

I am the Camel                          I am the Camel             I am the Camel

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