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Modal Verb Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate modal verb from the list, then click "check" to compare

can may must should

1. He is trying to eat couscous with a fork. He be joking.       CHECK

2. She pay us a visit tomorrow if she has time.     CHECK

3. You revise your lessons for the coming exam.       CHECK

4. They just didn't come. They have changed their minds.       CHECK

5. He thinks he sneeze with his eyes open. Impossible!       CHECK

6. He doesn't answer her phone calls. He be busy.       CHECK

7. He likes fast cars, and he doesn't know which car he buy.       CHECK

8. It is cloudy. It rain this evening.       CHECK

9. If you want, you ask us for help.       CHECK

10. You see now that you have revised your Modal Verbs very well.       CHECK