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Pgs. 659 - 663
Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment
Dr. Brian G. Gilmartin
University Press of America, Inc.

*I apologize for the poor image quality of the actual questions.

Appendix I

The Survey of Heterosexual
("SHI Questionnaire")

This scale was employed for determining eligibility for inclusion in the
non-shy sample. It has the benefit of national statistical norms, and it
has been used in many different research studies. It was originally
designed by psychologists Craig T. Twentyman and Richard M. McFall
of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

        INSTRUCTIONS: Please circle the appropriate number in the fol-
                                       lowing situations. Try to respond as if you were
                                      actually in that situation.

        SCORING: The foregoing twenty items comprise the "SHI Ques-
                             tionnaire." It is scored by simply adding up the circled
                             numbers for each one of the twenty items. Scores can
                             range from a low of 20 to a high of 140. The lower a
                             man's score is, the more love-shy he is likely to be. See
                             Chapter 5, page 137, for a fuller discussion.