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Updated 2002-03-26

Pegasus Productions is pleased to offer a full line of reproduction items for the discerning Commonwealth re-enactor. From food labels to money, small pack stuffers and more, there is something to please everyone. Feel free to look around at our many offerings and check back often for new items that are added!

New Product Alert!!! The Part I Paybooks are FINALLY done! They are better than expected and are spot-on compared to our original. Heck, the vets we showed the book to over the weekend at the Varsity reunion were impressed at our work! Check them out here!

Sorry about the lack of updates lately folks. We've been in a winter shutdown mode since The Gap, but we should be back with lots of updates. Thanks again for visiting!

For our American friends, when placing your order if you are sending a money order can you please make sure it is a U.S.P.S. INTERNATIONAL money order. We've recieved a couple of non-international money orders to date and unfortunatly they are no good to us up here in Canada, you will need to send the pink International version in order for it to be good up here in the land of beavers.. Send us an e-mail for any questions you may have.

Happy Re-enacting!

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