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00 Agents

This tells you what happened to all of the '00 agents'
Agent 002, Bill Fairbanks, was assumed to have been assassinated by Francisco Scaramanga in Beirut 1969. The bullet, however, was never found. In The Man With The Golden Gun, 007 takes a trip to Beirut. He encounters a belly dancer named Saida, in whose arms 002 lost his life. Apparently she has been using the bullet as a good luck charm.
Agent 003's body was found in the snow covered Siberia. Bond was looking for the corpse of 003, which contained a microchip. The Microprocessor was stolen by 003 from Zorin Industries, in A View to a Kill, unfortunately 003 was killed before completing his mission. The chip was hidden in a locket around the agents neck.
Agent 004, Frederick Warder, was involved in a training exercise on the rocks of Gilbraltar along with 007 and 002, The Living Daylights. 004 was scaling a cliff when a KGB agent of Georgi Koskov cut his rope. Before doing so, he slid a tag with the words, "Smiert Spionam" meaning "Death to Spies."
Agent 006--once James Bond's best friend--now his worst enemy. James Bond and Alec Trevelyan were on a mission at the Arkhangelsk chemical warfare facility in the late 1980s. 007 watched as Trevelyan, played by Sean Bean, was executed by Russian Colonel Ourumov. Nine years later the two agents met again in GoldenEye.
Agent 008, although he never appeared in any of the films, M does seem to talk about him quite a lot. In Goldfinger, M's threatens to replace Bond with 008, when he thinks that 007's latest mission will turn into revenge for the death of Jill Masterson. Bond also mentions that 008 will replace him, if he failed to report to his agency.
In The Living Daylights, M suggests to call in 008 to undertake the assassination of General Pushkin. Bond felt that Pushkin could not have been responsible for the death of the British agents. As M puts it, "008 follows orders, not instincts."
Agent 009 was assassinated by Mischka and Grischka at the beginning of Octopussy. While escaping into West Berlin he was mortally wounded, nevertheless the agent was able to crawl to the British Embassy delivering the precious Faberge egg to the British government. 007 replaces 009 to finish his mission, he also avenges his death by disposing of the circus brothers.