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The Living Fossil
The Living Fossil is a new pet store located in downtown La Crosse (across the street Brueger's Bagels and Deaf Ear Records).  I asked the co-owner and store manager, Matt, to type up some info about the store and himself to place on this website.


About The Living Fossil:

Have you ever had a hard time finding the Reptile or Amphibian you want or saw in a picture?  Well that is one of the main reasons I opened up The Living Fossil, because I can get any species of reptile that is legal to keep.  Where as most pet shops only carry certain reptiles and have a very slim selection of these wonderful creatures.  My goal is to provide access to a huge variety of rare and common reps and amphibians, while carrying a huge selection of rare and common reptiles.  Another question I frequently get asked is "where can I get a bigger cage for my reptile?"  After hearing that question many times, I decided to start building and selling custom reptile enclosures over 6 years ago.  I also offer these for sale at The Living Fossil. 

Both of the before mentioned questions pale in comparison, however, to the questions regarding the main issue surrounding captive reptiles: caring for them correctly.  A lot of people say reptiles are hard to care for, the truth is that they are actually easy to care for if you know exactly what they need and how to care for them.  The problem is that people who know the correct way to care for them are extremely rare.  That's where I come in.   I use my 11+  years of experience working with thousands of captive reptiles to properly educate people about the animal they are buying so that the animal itself can live a healthier and longer life and give it's owner many years of enjoyment.  You have to remember that the average pet shop employee knows as much about reptiles as your average Mcdonald's drive though worker. 

Another very irritating factor about keeping reptiles as pets is that companies which make herptile products actually produce products that may have a negative affect on the reptile itself.  You may ask, "why do they make it then?", or "how do you know that it is negative for the reptile?"  I would reply by saying "why do they make fast food?"  That stuff will kill you just the same.  I have learned about the effects of these products by intensely researching articles in reptile publications that study the effects of certain products on certain reptiles.  Here at the living fossil I carry the finest reptile products and not just product to take up shelf space.  

One of the biggest bonuses of getting a reptile at the living fossil is that I hand pick all of our animals in-stock from huge reptile shows, and make sure they are healthy before I purchase them to sell.  In addition, after purchasing them, I take over their care and put to work my many years of experience to insure that you are receiving a quality animal.  All of our reptiles are housed in naturalistic setups, which make the animals feel even more secure when they arrive back from the shows where they are purchased.  Other pet shops get their reptiles shipped in from thousands of miles away and have no idea how healthy they are before hand.  Furthermore, the employees at these shops may not even be able to tell you how to properly care for an animal purchased from them.

So if you are thinking of investing in a pet reptile or amphibian, I hope that I have given you an impression on the best place to purchase one in La Crosse.  Remember we also have Saltwater fish, freshwater fish, Ferrets, Small animals, Birds, Rocks, Crystals, Fossils, and Pet products.


To learn more about Matt, co-owner and store manager of The Living Fossil,
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