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The Feeding Behavior of Two Different Lizard Species

Check out how Alfred eats!

Alfred Eating!  Alfred is a Bearded Dragon, which is native to Australia.  Check out how he Eats!  Pay special attention to how he uses his tongue to catch the cricket and then "chews" it.  The use of the tongue to capture food in lizards is called "Lingual Prehension", or "Tongue Prehension".  After you've viewed that, check out how Goliath eats and compare the two (below).

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Check out how Goliath eats!

Goliath is my Savannah Monitor lizard, which is native to Africa.  Check out how he eats and notice how different it is from how Alfred eats.  Goliath does not use his tongue to grasp food.  Instead, he grabs his food with his mouth or "lips" it.  This means of catching prey is called "Jaw Prehension" .  In addition, look at how he swallows his food.  While Alfred seems to chew his food first, Goliath swallows it whole by using thrusting motions with his head and neck.  This is called "Inertial Feeding".

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