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Penny the Cheerleader
Booker T does hats
Is Santa Missing Some Reindeer?
Fresh As A Daisy
Scrapper Waits For Santa
A Tantilizing Gypsy
Inga The Proud College Grad
Reluctant Easter Bunny
Wonder Woman
French Devil
Am I Coming or Going?
Raggedy Ann Boxer
Another Cowboy Boxer
The Scrubs Girls
Crystal Goes Sailing
Booker T Gets Drafted
Sailor Kitty
Cheri the Tourist
Leather Roc-er
Penny is her flight jacket

Added 10/26/02
The Graduate
That's Udderly Ridiculous
Jailbird Boxer

Added 12/09/02
Santa's Incredible Helpers

Added 12/20/02
Spooky Boxers

Added 4/08/03
Easter Boxer Bunnies

Added 7/19/03
Princess Penny

Added 10/31/03
Crystal is trick or treating
The Faceless Trick or Treater
Penny tries to keep a straight face
Booker T the Biker

Added 12/17/03
Katie plays Dino
Katie says the devil made her do it

Added 11/08/04
Booker T the fearsome lion?
Crystal the Poodle
Penny is having a bad hairday
Penny with Geoffrey

Added 10/31/05
Booker T the pimp daddy

So Who Sells These Dog Costumes?
Some I made, but others I bought here:

DogMcUk in the UK
Spoiled Rotten Doggies
Paw Shop
Costume Crazy
Princess Cassie

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