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I do not have many male norns in this section. Please send me some of yours.

My competition for male norns is the snapshot competition. Simply take a good picture of the downloaded norn and send it in to me. 

Note - no add ons are allowed to be used to get good pictures. You need to use your photographic talents. And don't think that I can't tell the ones created by add-ons. They are the ones that look like these:

Download Austin

Name - Austin

Age - Senior

Generation - Unknown

Details - Austin is a bald norn and even though he is a senior, he is still fertile. He likes the desert island and enjoys riding in the boat. He does this whenever he is left alone.

Download Sydney

Name - Sydney

Age - Adult

Generation - Unknown

Details - Sydney is a spikey haired norn with bald-norn arms. He was born on the desert island. He has already impregnated a few females and usually likes to live near the piano. 

Download Rufus

Name - Rufus

Age - Adult

Generation - Unknown

Details - Rufus is a red bald norn with a brown tail. He enjoys riding in lifts and can be annoying when he plays with the buttons instead of doing what the hand says. He ahs fathered a few children and is fertile.

Download Dino

Name - Dino

Age - Baby

Generation - 7

Details - Dino is a full red normal bald norn. He hatched from an egg that was not being used for a long time. I do not know much about this norn other than that the first thing he did was burn himself on the fire.

Download Elvis

Name - Elvis

Age - Baby

Generation - Unknown

Details - Elvis is a very social Norn who loves the company of others (see picture). He is sometimes hard to draw away from others. He loves listening to the jukebox (it was the first thing he did when he was born). He has quite a decent life force.

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