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Click on the pictures to download the Norns. You will need to unzip them using a program like WinZip. 

Sorry but I don't have many females yet, so if you have one, please send it to me.

IMPORTANT - If these Norns have babies and one looks very different to her then send me a copy of the child and it will be entered into my breeding competition. In the email, remember to state which norn was it's mother.

Download Christina

Name - Christina 

Generation - unknown  

Age - Senior

Details - Although old, Christina is very fertile. When there is enough space in Albia, she usually falls pregnant first time. She has only just turned senior.  

             Warning - Christina has slightly low life force.

Download Miracle

Name - Miracle

Generation - Unknown

Age - Very old (just turned 20 hours)

Details - Miracle is really a miracle! She is over 20 hours old and is still fertile. She has given birth to many, many children. Download her and see how long you can keep her alive and fertile.

Note: Miracle has her own competition. If she lives for a long time, email me and tell me. You will be entered into the life expectancy competition.

Download Daisy

Name - Daisy

Generation - Unknown

Age - Adult

Details - I originally wasn't going to export Daisy, but I needed the room and she wasn't getting mush attention. If you can treat her better, then please download her. She likes spending time with a Norn called Mario (not uploaded yet).

Download Wendy

Name - Wendy

Age - child

Generation - The latest I have

Details - When Wendy was born, she already had this picture of another Norn in her photo album. I have given her the title of a re-incarnation of my first Norn. She knows all the words in the computer and will probably make a good breeder.

Download Emma

Name - Emma

Age - Just hatched

Generation - unknown

Details - I don't know anything about Emma because she is just hatched. She doesn't know how to talk or eat. Emma hatched from an egg that was laid quite a while ago and had to be put in the incubator. She will probably look like this picture when she grows up.

Download Zizi

Name - Zizi

Age - Adult

Generation - unknown

Details - Zizi is a norn that I exported a long time ago. Because of this, I can't remember much about her. She is a regular bald norn who smiles a lot, though.

Download Nicky

Name - Nicky

Age - Baby

Generation - Unknown

Details - Nicky is really cute, but be careful. She has a gene that makes her life force fluctuate. In this download she is at only 20% but at other times, she can reach 100%. She has a white-haired head, with a bald body and tail.  

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