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Member Profiles

Chris Nunnally:

Age: 22
Born: Anniston, AL.
Current residence: Saks, AL. (15 miles north of Anniston)
Paranormal expertise: The demonic
Marital status: Single
Encountered demonic spirit at age ten and became fascinated with the paranormal. Living around ghosts for the past decade has caused him to develop a sensitivity to spirit energy. Works part time in the AmSouth bank in downtown Anniston, which is a paranormal hotspot and contains at least three demons (read more and see photos on the AmSouth investigation page coming soon). Started O.R.B.S. with longtime friend Thad Mitchell.

Thad Mitchell:

Age: 22
Paranormal expertise: UFO's
Born: Gadsden, AL.
Current residence: Jacksonville, AL. (20 - 25 miles north of Anniston
Marital status: Married
Has never encountered a ghost, but has a fascination with the unexplained. Works part time at the CD Cellar and plays guitar. Has had two UFO sightings, one up close. O.R.B.S. co-founder.

Ben Nunnally:

Age: 18
Paranormal expertise: The Internet, Demonology
Born: Montgomery, AL.
Current residence: Eminence, IN.
Marital status: Dating
History With O.R.B.S.:
Webmaster, field investigator

Donnie Wood

Age: 21 - Life Expectancy: 23
Paranormal expertise: Psychological/psychic phenomena
Born: Oxford, AL.
Paranormal history:
At current time, none, but is open-minded to what's out there.
Update - Donnie has apparently been abducted by aliens. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact your local authorities.