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There are many, many different types of ghosts and ghostly phenomena out there. Too many to list here, but here are a few of the more common spirits:

APPARITIONS: An apparition is basically the manifestation (form) of the spirit of a deceased person or animal, and, in some cases, objects. The list of various types of apparitions is long, but most seem to be atmospheric (imprints of past events left in the air). Refer to The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits by Rosemary Ellen Guiley for a complete list.

BANSHEE: Despite the legends and lore, these spirits do exist and warn of impending death. They often appear as a weeping woman. There are not very many American banshees, aside from the spirit of the Tar River near Tarboro, North Carolina. This spirit can be heard crying during the month of August for a soldier who was killed there.

DEMON: These spirits are not rare, but it is rare that they interact with the living. Unlike earthbound spirits that are relatively harmless and usually unaware of people around them, demons are not unaware, and only care about the possession and destruction of every living thing they come across. Most paranormal investigators make the mistake of not learning about demons before going into the field. Some investigators refuse to believe they exist. Unfortunately, that can allow the demon to be able to do that much more harm to them. A demon can take on the form of anyone or anything, whether it be a real person or a friendly spirit, to trick any unbelieving person into communcating with it, which the demon uses as an excuse to enter that person's life and systematically destroy them and everyone they come in contact with. People often report hearing grunting or squealing pigs , growling, or children laughing during demon encounters. Before you conduct any investigation, pray for protection from these creatures, because if you do encounter one, it will be vicious beyond human imagining. That is simply their nature, to hunt and kill. Demons hang around graveyards and can control the other spirits there, so learn as much as you can about this creature, and do not trust any ghost, no matter who or what it seems to be.

EARTHBOUND SPIRITS: Common ghosts that have not crossed over for whatever reason: fear of the unknown, guarding a loved one, unfinished business, etc.

IMITATOR: A demon that takes the form of people, animals, and ghosts to hurt the living.  

INCUBUS: A demon that assumes the form of a man to sexually prey on women.

ORBS: Glowing balls of light, thought to be the basic spirit form, that turn up in photos and video footage. Also the namesake of the O.R.B.S.

PHANTOM DOGS: Large supernatural, demonic black dogs more common to areas of London that often appear with a being in a black cloak, thought to be Satan himself. So far there have been no reports of deaths related to these beasts, despite their fondness for pursuing lone travellers in the night, but it is said that if you encounter one three times, it will kill. Also known as Hellhounds.

POLTERGEIST: The word "poltergeist" means "noisy spirit" in German and poltergeists are just that. They almost never take a physical form, preferring to resort to banging, screaming, and writing on the walls. Although commony called mischievous, they are really nothing more than demons or devils.

SUCCUBUS: A demon that assumes the form of a woman to sexually prey on men.

Obviously, there are quite a few more than this. We recommend searching through the internet for more information.