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covering 1946 - 1962


Porlock Vale Riding School Brochure circa 1946


I would like to thank, in particular, Maddie Wetherall (nee Weeks) for photographs, history and a personal account of The Olympic games in 1952. Stephen Robertson, Tony Carden and John Baker (Tony Collings step-nephew)for their memories and remembered experiences associated with their connection with Porlock Vale Riding School. Penny Hogg and Liz O'Keeffe, among many others, for providing me with a lot more history, stories, photographs and help, in confirming or otherwise, my own memories!

The book is dedicated to my Parents Jack and Doreen Peck and my brother Tony - who are no longer with me - but have left me the most treasured memories of 8 idyllic years spent together at Porlock Vale Riding School.

New pages and photos, including an index page have been added.

My email address is:-

The book available on-line from Amazon.

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